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International Students Now Prefer to Study MBBS in Ukraine! Know Why!

International Students

With some of the best universities and colleges offering quality medical education for international students who prefer to study MBBS in Ukraine, the country has become a favorite destination for medical students from across the globe.  International students from around 110 countries are pursuing their higher education in Ukraine. High quality education at low cost is what attracts these students, including many Indian students, to the medical courses in Ukraine, especially MBBS.

Now let’s explore why international students are preferring to study MBBS in Ukraine

Low cost of education

In Ukraine, Indian students can learn MBBS course approved by the Medical Council of India at a cost much lower than that in most of the private medical colleges in India. Moreover, students need not pay any donation or capitation fee to study MBBS in Ukraine.

High quality of education

Though education is low cost, the quality is not compromised. Many MBBS universities and colleges in Ukraine are among the highest ranked in the world. The education system of MBBS universities in Ukraine is covered under Bologna Agreement. It means the students can continue their post graduate level education in any part of Europe, except the UK. The MBBS offered by universities in Ukraine is approved by WHO, MCI, UNESCO, EUROPEAN COUNCIL, etc.

While studying in Ukraine, students get a chance to attend seminars and symposia in European countries. Many Ukrainian universities also have bilateral student exchange programs with universities in European countries such as Germany, Sweden and Finland.

Best method of teaching

Ukraine education system has a unique method of teaching which is recognized worldwide. English is the medium of instruction, yet neither ILETS nor TOEFL is required to study MBBS in Ukraine. The universities in Ukraine has expert international faculty as teachers. Emphasis is put on practical aspects of teaching.

Another advantage that students while studying MBBS in Ukraine is live classrooms. In the presence of expert doctors and surgeons, they get firsthand experience of the surgery process instead of the demo sessions that are usually provided to students in medical colleges. Besides, the books and journals required for students to complete MBBS education are made available to them by the colleges and universities.

Good living conditions

Ukraine offers good living conditions and a warm and welcoming atmosphere for international students to pursue their education. The weather conditions in Ukraine are moderate, except for the four months of winter.

Cost of living is also very low in Ukraine compared to many other countries. Ukraine has one of the best transportation systems in Europe and students enjoy 50% discount on travel. Accommodation facilities are also widely available and affordable for international students.

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