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Know About the Internship Prospects for Overseas Students in Canada!!!

Prospects for Overseas Students

Canada offers vast internship prospects for overseas students, letting them to add the much valuable Canadian work experience to their resume. Internship also gives an opportunity to international students for networking with coworkers that will help them land in a good job in Canada in the future. Paid internships also help international students to earn while they learn.

Your internship experience in Canada will depend on which city you choose to do internship in. However, many students choose Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa or Montreal to do their internship.

The internship prospects for overseas students remain high in Canada throughout the year. There are also a number of placement programs that will help the students find suitable internship opportunities.

Laws related to internship in Canada

As far as the internship prospects for overseas students in Canada are concerned, there are two types of internship, paid and unpaid. Laws regarding internship are different in different provinces. However, the students who want to do internship as part of their study program are supposed to obtain an internship work permit from the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). With this permit, the students can work full time during their internship period. Students also need to have a Social Insurance Number to do internship in Canada.

You can apply for an intern work permit if:

-You possess a valid study permit

-You have to do internship as part of your studies

-You have obtained a letter from the institution where you study, confirming that you are supposed to work as part of your study program

-Your internship is 50% or less of the total program of study

You cannot apply for an internship work permit if you are studying English or French as a second language or you are studying a general interest or preparatory course.

Work etiquette

In Canada, workers are expected to maintain good manners and polite behavior at the workplace. Handshake is a commonly used form of greeting. Experience and hard work are much appreciated at Canadian industries.

Major areas with high internship prospects for overseas students in Canada

Engineering: Overseas students get opportunity to work in areas including construction management, CAD, drafting and structural engineering.

Marketing: Doing marketing internship in Canada will help overseas students learn about marketing products and services and how to make use of social media for the same. Vast internship opportunities are available for overseas students in areas including sales, advertising, marketing research etc.

IT: In the IT sector, overseas students can do internship as software developers, database administrators and web developers.

Tourism: In the tourism sector, vast internship opportunities are available for overseas students in restaurants, ski resorts, hotels etc.

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