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7 Most Common reasons for Your Australian PR Visa Rejection

Australian PR Visa

Years of experience in immigration consultancy have prompted us to develop a pattern identifying the common mistake that forms the basis of rejection of your Australian PR visa application. Go through this guide to know more.  

  1. Filling the wrong Australian visa type

Australia offers permanent residence (PR) visa under four subclasses:

  • Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189
  • Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190 
  • Skilled Work Regional (provincial) Visa Subclass 491
  • Skilled Employer-Sponsored Visa Subclass 494   

While the first two Australian PR visa subclasses are permanent visas, the last two are valid for 3 years and can be converted into a PR visa then. 

Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 Your chosen occupation must be in the Skills Shortage List. 
Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190  You must be nominated by a state or territory in Australia and also, your chosen occupation must be in the Skills Shortage List. 
Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 191 Opens from November 2022, you must satisfy eligibility requirements of visa subclasses 491 & 494. It is mainly for immigration to regional areas of Australia. 

Your Australia PR visa is likely to get rejected if you apply under a particular category but do not satisfy the required conditions. 

Not sure which Australian PR visa category suits you? Fill up this free Australia Immigration assessment form to let us suggest you the best visa type.  

  1. Misuse of your temporary Australian visa 

If you are applying for a PR visa, make sure that you have not violated any of the terms and conditions of your previous temporary visa to Australian like overstaying, etc. 

Your application for an Australian PR visa is likely to get rejected on the basis of your past actions unless otherwise sorted out. 

  1. Insufficient balance in your registered bank account

The Australian immigration rules mandate any aspiring immigrant to furnish detailed information on the bank account as proof of financial stability. Any discrepancy in regard to it like insufficient funds, identity mismatch, etc. may invite rejection of the Australian PR visa application.   

  1. Failing English language proficiency

Language proficiency in English is mandatory for applicants of an Australian PR visa. Although the level of language proficiency in English to be attained is not as high as that of a temporary student visa, PR visa applicants are expected to qualify the bare minimum level of a language test. 

While the dependent may be exempted from the stringent language proficiency test, the primary applicant is expected to pass the test and failure to do so may invite rejection. 

  1. Inconsistent information in your Australian visa application

While no one intends to give false information in one’s visa application, if found, the concerned authorities can charge the applicant with visa fraud leading to a 5-year temporary or permanent ban to enter Australia. 

Inadequate information like not submitting proper support documents of your dependents, etc. may lead to rejection of a PR visa application. Also, failure to meet the character requirement like a criminal record in the past, history of harassing others, etc. will invite rejection of PR visa. 

  1. Falling short of health standard requirements

Any aspiring applicant of an Australian PR visa is expected to follow the Australia health code. The immigration rules do not allow applicants with a heart condition or mental health issues, cancer, HIV symptoms to settle in Australia. Make sure to have a full health check-up done before applying for an Australian PR visa. 

  1. Lack of professional help

It is observed in most of the rejection cases that the applicants had applied without any professional help. 

The process of PR visa application immigration involves a gamut of legal requirements which if not interpreted correctly may invite repeated rejections. Also, the Australian immigration rules are dynamic and to stay updated with it requires professional assistance.  

The Australian PR visa authorities recommend MARA registered consultants for any visa service. A MARA registered consultant like CanApprove, shall not only provide assistance in filling up the PR visa application but also helps protect its client’s interest should anything go wrong. 

 When can I reapply for the Australian PR visa?

You can reapply the very next day provided you had met the requirements of the previously rejected PR visa. However, there may be some ban period mentioned in the rejection letter depending on the degree of your mistake.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Get in touch with us to reduce your refusal chances of an Australian PR visa, thereby ensuring smooth immigration to Australia. 

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