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Recent changes in Australia Visa since 1st July 2019 

Australia Visa

It is a well-established fact that Australia is one of the most preferred places for skilled migration. With new changes being introduced in immigration to Australia, it has become easier for aspiring candidates to realize their dream to work & settle in abroad. 

Get prepared to know more on recent changes in Australia Visa since 1st July 2019 to get your best chances for skilled migration to Australia.  

New Regional Australia Visas with PR Pathways:

Under the government’s vision to promote migration in regional areas of Australia, the Australian government has released the regulations relating to 2 new regional Australia Visas. These visa for skilled migration to Australia will be available from November 2019. 

The two new Australia Visas for skilled migration are:

  • Subclass 491 Skilled Work Regional Visa: Present 489 visa is being replaced with the new category of regional visa for skilled migration to Australia. This Australia visa is capped at 14,000 places per year. Eligible candidates must be below 45 years and can have a state government nomination, or be sponsored by a resident family member. 
  • Subclass 494 Skilled Employer-Sponsored Visa: It replaced the current 187 (RSMS) visa and it is capped at 9,000 places per year. The eligible applicant must be less than 45 years old and mandatorily requires employer sponsorship. 

In addition to the above announced temporary visa for skilled migration to Australia, Subclass 191 enables residents on subclass 491 or 494 to apply for Permanent Residence (Skilled Regional) in Australia. This will only commence from November 2022. 

Additional one-year Australia visa for International graduates from regional institutions:

The new Australia Visa will allow international graduates to have temporary residence for an additional one-year with post-study work permit. Such international graduates must graduate from the regional campus of a registered institution. They must also be an ongoing residence in a regional area while holding their subclass 485 Graduate Australia Visa. 

New Parent visa:

A relief to foreign born Australian citizens and permanent residents. They can now bring their parents for a continuous period of up to five years under the new Parent Australia visa. The total number of Australia visas issued is capped at 15,000 per year.

Extra points for skilled migration to Australia:

Australian immigration was based on the fact to welcome overseas talent to augment their economic growth. Keeping the very principle alive, the government has made the following changes: 

  • An additional 10 points for applicants with a skilled spouse and for those without a spouse. 
  • An additional 5 points for Visa applicants sponsored or nominated for a regional Australia Visa.
  • Extra points for qualifications in STEM subjects. 

Changes in health conditions and disability threshold for Australia PR:

An immigration applicant with a permanent medical condition will no longer be assessed on lifecare cost. Before the change, Australia Visa was issued to applicants with an annual health requirement cost less than $40000 which has now been increased to $49000. 

This means more applicants with a permanent medical condition can successfully get an Australia Visa. 

New Occupation Ceilings for 2019-20:

New occupation ceilings for 2019-20 has given another boost to skilled migration to Australia. High ceilings are fixed for most of the skilled occupations in Australia. 

For the year 2019-20, the occupational ceiling for Registered Nurses is more than 17,000. The ceiling for Electricians, Carpenters, Secondary school teachers and Software developers is more than 8,000, while the ceiling for music professionals, economists and cartographers has been fixed at 1000.

New Business & Skilled Migration to Australia Queensland programs:

Business and Skilled Migration to Queensland (BSMQ) that was closed until mid-2019 is now open for registrations. Express of Interest submitted for SkillSelect will not be considered as skilled migration to Australia has undergone major changes via replacing subclass 489 visa with new categories of regional Australia Visas. However, registrations for BSMQ Business program remain open.

New South Australia Immigration rules come into effect:

The new Skilled Occupations List and the Supplementary List for South Australia immigration 2019-20 added new occupations to the list of 275 occupations. The new list includes occupations connected to Trade, STEM, Social Welfare, ICT, and Health. 

South Australia will continue to sponsor skilled migration to Australia with at least 80 points. High Points required for ICT occupations remain at 75. However, candidates currently working & overseas graduates in South Australia require only 65 points for state sponsorship. 

Cap lowered for Metropolitan Skilled Migration to Australia:

As a consequence of increasing population in major Australian cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and the Gold coast, the government is promoting skilled migration to regional areas of Australia. 

The annual quota of Skilled Independent Visas has been slashed from 43000 to about 18000 for next four years. It translates to the fact that temporary residence period for skilled residents in Australia will be prolonged even further. However, cut in metropolitan skilled migration has resulted in increase in immigration intake in regional areas of Australia. 

The conditions for skilled migration to Australia has never been this favourable. With several changes taking place since 1st July 2019, this is the best time to apply for an Australia Visa. Get your free immigration assessment done here!

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