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Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems programs offered in Fanshawe College

Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems courses in canada
Fanshawe College, Ontario

Fanshawe College was founded in the year 1962 as Ontario Vocational Centre (OVC) in the London region of Ontario province in Canada. The college acquired the provincial system of applied arts and technology and became Fanshawe College in the year 1967.

The subsequent branches were established in the regions like Woodstock, Simcoe and St, Thomas. Fanshawe College is serving the student community for more than 50 years reasonably and experienced the majestic growth by proving its excellence in educating the students and creating successful grads over the years.

If you are thinking to pursue your education in Canada, then this is your best chance. There are best colleges in Canada among which Fanshawe has its prominent place.



Ontario, one of the 13 provinces and territories in Canada is the second largest and most populous province of Canada. The capital of Ontario is Toronto which is the most populous and busiest city in the whole of Canada and one of the metropolitan and multicultural cities housed in the world. More prominently some of the best colleges in Canada a Canada Student Visare housed here.

Ontario is a technology hub and a hotspot for broadcast networks and media with a diverse population, which is an important reason for Ontario being the most preferred destination for the immigrants. Ontario houses Ottawa, the capital of Canada. Ottawa is the fourth largest city and fifth-largest Cosmopolitan Area in the country.

Ontario is the province with both skyscrapers and forested places as well. Some parts are densely populated, and some parts are densely forested. Ontario makes money through power generation, tourism and Shipments. Technology also contributes to the economy of the province. The climate in Ontario is found to be humid continental which brings sharp, cold winters and warm summers. This is one of the best places for a foreigner to migrate which makes him/her experience the diversification in all the aspects.


Remotely Piloted Aircraft System – RPAS

Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems, popularly and commonly known as ‘Drones’ is the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) used for various purposes. They are operated on various autonomy like human operator (with a remote) or by a computer system with software applications intended to control it. Initially RPAS was primarily used for military applications but now commercial drones have outnumbered the military drones, thus making its use to commercial operations and recreational purposes.

RPAS can be used to carry out dangerous tasks which are human life-risking and hard to execute. Drones are used in scientific, agricultural, recreational and other applications like aerial photography, cinematography, product delivering, drone racing. Even smuggling is inclusive of its applications.

Policing and Surveillance applications play a major role in defence and security.


Course Description – RPAS graduate certificate

RPAS graduate certificate is offered in Fanshawe College of Ontario province, Canada. This deals with educating the students about the characteristics, working principle and methodology of an RPAS. Students acquire skills to designing, supporting, operating, marketing and maintaining a Remotely Piloted Aerial System.

This program explains and teaches all the aspects of RPAS like electrical and electronics systems, communication, navigation, data systems and its design and maintenance.

Students get strong knowledge in market research analysis and entrepreneurial contexts which helps to make bridges between the technical and business dimensions of RPAS.


Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for an international candidate to opt Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems program are as listed;

  • Student should have gained a 2 – or 3 -Year College Diploma or Degree


  • An equivalent qualification certificate from another institution acknowledged by the College


  • Related work experience and post-secondary education acknowledged by the College
  • IELTS test score certificates proven to have overall score of 6.5 with no band less than 6.0

(test results should be within last 2 years while applying).


Career Opportunities

Since RPAS is the most advanced and essential technology, there are more job opportunities and demand for drone pilots. There are multiple purposes for which a drone is used and there are career pathways in correspondence to the purposes. The jobs related to RPAS include;

  • Geomatics Engineer
  • Firmware Developer
  • Aviation Technician
  • Drone Cinematographer
  • Research and development and more…

So, if you are interested and have a strong desire to perform in aeromodelling and RAPS fields, this is the best opportunity coming your way.



There are some significant benefits of studying Remotely Piloted Aerial System course in Fanshawe College, Canada. They are;

  • Live in the best country
  • Make your profession your passion
  • Get the best education
  • High living standards at low cost
  • Optimal education expenses
  • Study in the best college
  • Experience life in a multicultural society
  • Get placed in your favorite job
  • Be the beneficiary of long-term advantages


Yes! Coming to the end, abroad Education in Canada would be best happening in the life of an abroad aspirant. Also, the country provides more liberalizations for international students. It is easy to obtain a Canada student visa when compared to the process in other Counties.

Get on to the registration process if you think of planning your Canada education to study Remotely Piloted Aerial System program!


Registration Process

Fanshawe College is providing the courses for Remotely Piloted Aerial System. This is the best time for you to plan. Apply with CanApprove. We are here to help.

CanApprove is providing education and immigration services for abroad aspirants successfully since 1998. Our experts will guide you in all the possible situations of your abroad plan and oversee your process. Connect with us to know more about Remotely Piloted Aerial System courses and Fanshawe College…

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