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How Studying in Canada Could Help You Get a Canadian PR Visa?

Canadian PR Visa

A common misconception or misunderstanding that has been carried by individuals from all parts of the world is “How Studying in Canada Could Help You Get a Canadian PR Visa?” They are drawn to the conclusion without any further investigation or research that a student cannot obtain a Canadian PR after studying! Loosely speaking, yes, a student cannot obtain a Canadian PR Visa right after his/her studies. But technically speaking, there are immigration programs that would help you to obtain a Canadian PR after you complete your graduation in Canada. Before getting down to the immigration programs that could help you get a Canadian PR, let’s understand how a Canadian Degree could make you stand apart!

  • A Canadian Degree is internationally recognized and gives you an upper hand in cases of an interview.
  • Studying in one of the highly reputed Canadian Universities can help you gain wide exposure and be a part of the culturally diverse environment.
  • A Canadian degree could considerably increase your CRS points when immigrating under the Express Entry System.
  • And most importantly, a Canadian Degree stands as the base foundation for you to obtain a Post-Graduate Work Permit Visa.
  • Obtaining a Canadian Degree will help the government understand you are a potential candidate when you apply for the immigration process.

Below mentioned are the procedures which you should follow to obtain a Canadian PR after completing your studies in Canada.

Canada CRS Calculator

Obtain Post-Graduate Work Permit Visa: 

This is the first and the foremost step you should be doing which serves as the pathway for you to obtain a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa. The Canadian Post Graduate Work Permit Visa is for students who have studied in a designated Canadian Institution and willing to stay in Canada and work after their graduation. Before you apply for a Post Graduate Work Permit Visa, here are some important things you should know:

  • You should be 18 years or older when you apply for a PGWP Visa.
  • Your study program in Canada should be at least a minimum of eight months.
  • The duration of your PGWP visa will be based on the duration of your course.
  • You should be having a valid study permit when you apply for the work permit visa.

There are certain other requirements you have to meet when you apply for a PGWP Visa. A post-graduate work permit visa can be applied in two ways. The first method is applying online the second method is applying via the paper format. Try going for the online method where the processing time is quite faster (69 days) when compared to the paper method (111 days). You can start working in Canada full-time until your decision is made on your work permit Visa.

Once you have obtained your post-graduate work permit visa (which is the first step to obtain a Canadian PR), you should be prepared for the next step.

Immigrating under the Canadian Experience Class: 

The Canadian Experience Class is one of the three streams under the Canadian Experience Class which allows individuals with a minimum of one-year Canadian work experience in Canada to apply for a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa. Below mentioned is a short outline of how you should work things out under the Canadian Experience Class System:

Obtain a Canadian Work Permit:

Not to worry because you already have the Post-Graduate Work Permit Visa in your hand. You might come up with the question of whether you will be able to apply for Canadian Experience Class while you still have your PGWP visa in hand. The answer is, yes you can!

 Gain a Year of Canadian Work Experience:

This is the primary requirement to immigrate under the Canadian Experience Class Program. Immigrating under the Canadian Experience Class Program requires you to have a minimum of one -year work experience under the NOC Coda O, A or B. Since you have a Canadian Degree in your hand finding a job in your core are wouldn’t be that difficult.

Create an Express Entry Profile:

Once you have ensured that you meet all the requirements criteria, create an Express Entry Profile and submit all your details with the required documentation and increase your profile and ranking under the CRS by every possible means.

Receive an Invitation to Apply:

This is where your hard work and patience pays off. Once when you receive an Invitation to Apply from the Canadian Government, you then get to apply for the Canadian Permanent Residence, thereby allowing you to finally get what you wanted to! Followed is the medical check, police clearance certificate which is done at complete ease!

You should understand that obtaining a Canadian PR Visa is not an easy process and it requires patience and perfect understanding. It is now clear that studying in Canada could actually help you gain a better standard of living and a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa provided you follow the right immigration methods & procedures. Get in touch with us to know more about how to study in Canada and a Permanent Resident Visa after that!

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