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Top 5 Cities to Live and Work in Canada for New Immigrants!


Among the immense number of places on Earth that really cannot be counted, it is no wonder that a majority of the human population wish to migrate to Canada considering the extreme benefits and the quality of life the country has to offer! Let’s say, that you’ve met all the eligibilities to migrate, clear with the process and it’s a go for you, but you really cannot decide where you are going to settle in Canada?  Well, here are the top 5 cities you should consider that provides excellent opportunities & standards to live and work when you migrate to Canada!

Ottawa, Ontario

The quite, reserved & family-oriented city could light you up with abundant employment opportunities and sports enthusiasts. Fondly called as the “Silicon Valley of the North”, the city houses some of the biggest tech companies within it.  The city is also home to the highest number of scientists, engineers and Ph.D. holders in the country. The city can indulge you with recreational activities like skiing, skating, ice hockey etc., It’s like you name the sport and the city has it for you. The bottom line being, migrating to Ottawa offers you a suburban lifestyle with moderately priced and of course highly paid jobs.

Gatineau, Quebec

 The multi-cultural province boring the nickname “Europe of North America” is a predominantly French-speaking country having a beautiful city named Gatineau. Gatineau is the fourth largest city in the province and has an estimated population of 265,000. The city offers a low income tax system, cheaper homes and could be the right place for you if you have children who should be sent to a daycare.

Waterloo, Ontario

The residents of Waterloo enjoy a high standard quality of life amidst the exciting & diverse community. The city is known for its rich culture which is a result of the diverse population the region has. On immigrating to Ontario, you can choose whether to live in the countryside or in the city, totally leaving the options for you. When it comes to employment & studies, the city is fully packed with a wide range of industry sectors in both manufacturing & technology and world-class universities offering quality education to people. You also get to experience affordable housing & low unemployment rates.

Regina, Saskatchewan

The capital city of Saskatchewan is the second largest city in the province and is the cultural center of the Southern Saskatchewan. People in the province mainly speak English with less than 2% of French-speaking population. The city is lighted with festivals all round the year, making it an ideally multicultural place to live for immigrants who come from other nations.

What makes the city more suitable for immigrants is the fact that housing prices are quite low here in Saskatchewan when compared to other Canadian provinces and housing ownership is something that is possible for almost all of its residents.

St. Albert, Alberta

Migrating to St. Albert could probably be one of the best things you could do for yourself. The city is undoubtedly the best place if you want to raise a family. St. Albert is one of the healthiest cities in the country with plenty of doctors providing excellent medical services. What’s more? The unemployment rate of St. Albert is as low as 4%. An ideal climate & affordable educational opportunity makes St. Alberta an ideal place to immigrate to Canada.

Canada is a country which has the right contrast of elements that are needed to lead a balanced life. Immigrating to one of the cities mentioned above requires you to go through the rigorous immigration procedure which includes beginning with your eligibility assessment till you set your foot on the desired piece of land. Not to worry because we take care of all the procedures behind your immigration as we have been doing this for the past two decades!

Get in touch with our team of immigration experts and know your eligibility to migrate for free!

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