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Top Courses in the UK for Higher Education

Top Courses in the UK

As we have stepped into the new year, the time can’t get any perfect to plan your higher education in the United Kingdom. There are top courses in the UK and without being doubted, The UK is one of the best countries that offer the best education in the world and if you are looking to study abroad your choice can’t get any better other than the UK.

If you’re in search of top courses in the UK for your higher studies, you can continue reading this blog. You will have information about the top courses in the UK that offers good scope for career and settlement.

Top Courses in the UK

The increase in job demand has rose to an all-new level across the world, the UK is not an exception. The evolving market has paved the way for great demand for skilled workers that has to be filled through immigrants and international crowd of students. International students looking for job opportunities abroad can enrol in top courses in the UK that will bestow a prospective career.

The top courses in the UK are as follows…


1️⃣ Medicine

Top Courses in the uk - Medicine

The field of medicine has expanded dramatically since the COVID pandemic and is a global endeavor. Four of the top ten medical universities in the world are located in the United Kingdom. The most popular top courses in the UK in the medical field Masters in Physiotherapy in the UK and B Sc Nursing in the UK.

Top Medical Courses in the UK

Courses Degree
Physiotherapy B Sc in Physiotherapy, M Sc in Physiotherapy
Biomedical science B Sc in Biomedical Science, M Sc in Biomedical Science
Nursing B Sc Nursing, M Sc in Adult Nursing


Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS), Master of Dental Surgery (MDS)

Top Universities offering Medicine-related courses

1. Oxford University

2. Cambridge University

3. University College London

4. Imperial College London

5. Manchester University

6. The University of Edinburgh

7. Kings College London


2️⃣ Engineering

Top Courses in the uk - Engineering

Given its endless possibilities, engineering is unquestionably one of the most popular majors for higher education. When it comes to engineering in the UK, there are numerous universities and programs that offer a wide range of engineering disciplines.

Top Engineering Courses in the UK

International students have a wide range of choices to pick from.

1. Biomedical engineering

2. Telecommunication Engineering

3. Construction Engineering

4. Environmental Engineering

5. Civil Engineering

6. Chemical Engineering

7. Mechanical engineering

8. Software Engineering

These are some of the top courses in the UK that are absolutely in-demand and can offer exciting employment opportunities inside and outside the country.


3️⃣ Biological and Biomedical Science

Top Courses in the uk - Biological and Biomedical Science

Courses in the UK aligned with Biological and Biomedical science are very popular among international students. Top companies are more inclined to hire 10% of the graduates as Research assistants and Scientists.

Top Bio-Science Courses in the UK 

1. M Sc in Biomedical Science

2. M Sc in Bioinformatics

3. B Sc Hons – Applied Bio Medical Health with foundation year

4. B Sc Hons – Biomedical Science with foundation year

Universities offering Biological and Biomedical Science Courses

1. University College London

2. Imperial College London

3. The University of Edinburgh

4. Cambridge University

5. Kings College London

6. Oxford University

7. Glasgow University

8. University of Bath


4️⃣ Health care and Social Care

Top Courses in the uk - Health care and Social Care

By choosing courses in social care and health care, you can get sponsored jobs from employers. In fact, graduating from any of the courses like the Master’s in Public Health in the UK, can help you to obtain a Permanent Residence. Notably, jobs in social care and health care are under the Skilled Occupations shortage list.

Top Health and Social Care Courses in the UK 

1. Top courses in Health and Social Care

2. B Sc in Health and Social Care

3. M Sc Public Health

4. MBA Healthcare management in the UK

Occupations in Health Care and Social Care field

1. Home Carer

2. Home care assistant

3. Care worker

4. Care Assistant

5. Support worker for Nursing home

Universities offering Health and Social Care Courses

1. North Umbria University

2. Teesside University

3. University of Leeds

4. Leeds Trinity University

5. Birmingham University

6. Staffordshire University


5️⃣ Information Technology and Computer Science

Information Technology and Computer Science

Stop for a moment and think about the technological advancement around you. Incredible, isn’t it? Information technology has its footprint in all our daily life. Choosing Information Technology and Computer Science courses is a sure shot for a successful future.

Trending Domains to choose in IT and Computer Science

1. Web Design

2. Software Development

3. Computer Hardware – Engineering & Networking

4. Cyber security

5. Computing and Internet Technology

6. Cloud Computing

7. Developers

8. Blockchain

Top Companies that recruit and offer Sponsored Job Visa

1. Microsoft

2. Google

3. Amazon

4. Facebook

5. Siemens

6. Ocado

7. NHS

8. Gamesys

9. Tractable

10. Winter Mute

Note: Game Design Courses in the UK and Music Courses in the UK are very well happening and have a great value for international students.

Game Design courses in the UK will help with your Canada migration or Australia migration as the profession of game designing is highly received in those countries. Music courses in the UK will help you land a perfect career as a musician.


6️⃣ Data Science & Data Analytics

Data Science & Data Analytics

Interesting fact: Data Science and Data Analytics industry has witnessed a growth of 231% from 2013 to 2021. You might have heard of Data Science and Data Analytics while you’re planning to study in the UK. This is a booming industry, and this is the right time to choose these courses in the UK.

Top Courses in Data Science & Data Analytics

1. M Sc Data Analytics

2. M Sc Data Science

Occupations under Data Science & Data Analytics

1. Data Engineering

2. Data Analyst

3. Data Scientist


7️⃣ Architecture


If you have a penchant towards elevation, construction and aesthetics, architecture is one of the most popular programs to study in the UK. With the global demand for architects to be a part of the growing infrastructure, architecture programs might be your best pick. In fact, Architecture jobs are one of the highest-paid jobs in the UK and other countries.

Top Programs in Architecture

1. M Phil in Architecture and Urban Studies (MAUS)

2. Ph D in Architecture

3. M Phil in Architecture and Urban Design

4. Master of Architecture Program

5. M Sc Architectural and Urban Design

Universities offering Architecture Courses in the UK

1. University of Cambridge

2. University of Sheffield

3. Loughborough University

4. Manchester School of Architecture

5. University of Reading

6. University of Liverpool

7. University of Edinburgh

8. University College London


8️⃣ Mathematics and related courses


Courses like Mathematics, Statistics, Economics and Actuarial Science are underrated courses that offer excellent employment opportunities. In fact, they are in-demand jobs that are highly paid.

Occupations under Mathematics and Related Courses

1. Statisticians

2. Actuarist

3. Economists

4. Bankers

5. Analysts

6. Researchers

7. Finance Workers

Universities offering Mathematics and Related Courses

1. University of Leeds

2. University of Manchester

3. University of Bristol

4. The University of Edinburgh

5. University of Aberdeen

6. University of Portsmouth


9️⃣ Accounting, Banking and Finance

Accounting, Banking and Finance

Accounting and finance courses can help you get employed in top companies since every company needs a good accounting team. Banking is undoubtedly one of the most-reputed courses to study in the UK to get high-paid jobs.

Here are a few trendy courses in Accounting, Banking, and Finance:

1. Financial Accounting

2. Corporate Finance

3. Basic recovery and insolvency

4. Audit, Tax

5. Forensic Accounting

Accounting Courses

1. Chartered institute of Public and Finance accountancy (CIPFA)

2. The chartered institute of Management accountants (CIMA)

3. The Association of chartered certitude accountants (ACCA)

Finance Courses

1. M Sc in Financial Accounting

2. M Sc in Financial Economics

3. M Sc in Finance

4. M Sc in Accounting and Finance with ACCA

Banking Courses

1. B Sc Hons – Finance and Investment –Banking

2. B Sc Hon – Finance and Banking

3. B Sc – Finance Management

Top Universities to Consider

1. Imperial College of London

2. University of Cambridge

3. University of Oxford

4. University of Bolton

5. University of Glasgow

6. University of Edinburgh

Companies that Sponsor a Job Visa


2. Bloomberg

3. Barclays

4. American Express

5. Grant Thorton

6. Deloitte


8. E & Y

9. PWC

10. BDO

11. Natwest

12. Blackrock

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🔟 Geology, Earth Science and Renewable Energy


Occupations aligned with these courses are listed under United Kingdom’s Skilled Worker shortage list. You can choose from a wide range of programs in Geology and related fields. Though these courses may look off-beat, you could make demanding career out of it.

Top Courses in Geology and Earth Science

1. Geology

2. Marine Geography

3. Environmental Engineering

4. Geophysics

5. Oceanography

Occupations under Geology and Earth Science graduates

1. Geophysicists

2. Hydrocarbon

3. Engineering Geologists

4. Hydrogeologist

5. Mining and Quarrying

6. Geological Surveys

Why choose the Top Courses in the UK?

We’ve curated the top the UK programs for your higher education. Now, it’s your turn to select the courses that resonate your interests. You could start the UK process right away with the assistance of the overseas education experts at CanApprove. From making a simpler admissions process to legitimate student visa processing, we’ve got you covered. Meet the best the UK education consultants in Coimbatore. Contact CanApprove now!

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