Planning to Pursue a Master’s Degree? Read to Know Why Canada is the Ideal Destination to Pursue Your PG!!!

Master’s Degree

Canada is the best option for those who plan to do their master’s overseas. There are a number of factors that attract international students to master studies in Canada. These include high quality of education, affordability, research-oriented education and peaceful study environment. Canadian institutions of higher education offer master’s degrees in a range of subjects spanning across humanities, science, management, arts and social science. Usually, the duration of the master’s course in Canada is between 12 to 24 months, depending on the field of specialization.

Now let’s explore the factors that make Canada the ideal destination to pursue your PG.

 1. High-quality education

Canadian institutions of higher education are renowned for their quality and excellence. The universities maintain high academic standards and strict quality control. Canadian universities are always ranked among the best in the world.

2. Globally recognized degree

Canadian degrees are recognized across the world, which simply means international students, despite where they choose to live, will have a successful career. The students can choose from a number of flexible and interdisciplinary programs. Moreover, a Canadian degree increases the chances of international students to obtain permanent residence in Canada.

3. Easiness to obtain a student visa

Canada has recently introduced the Student Direct Stream (SDS) programme which makes visa processing easier and faster for students from four Asian countries including India. All students who have received a letter of acceptance from a Designated Learning Institutions can apply for a Canadian study permit through SDS.

4. Job opportunities

Canada offers a lot of part-time work opportunities for students that help them to earn while they learn. Moreover, the students who have completed a study program that has a duration of more than eight months are eligible to apply for a post-study work visa. It allows the students to work in Canada for a maximum period of three years. With the work experience earned through the post-study work permit, the students can also apply for permanent residence in Canada.

5. Affordability

The cost of studying in Canada is almost of half compared to other popular international study destinations. But the cost will vary depending on the study program and institution. Cost of living is also comparatively lower in Canada. Moreover, part-time work opportunities also make education in Canada affordable.

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