Why is Australia the perfect study abroad destination?

Australia education

With the US tightening its immigration laws, Australia is fast gaining prominence as a popular destination for higher education. The two major factors that attract international students to Australia are the welcoming attitude towards international students and high standards of education. While most students used to go abroad for postgraduate studies earlier, now more number of students are preferring Australian universities to pursue undergraduate studies. Here are a few more factors that make Australia the perfect study abroad destination.

Growing popularity

Australia is one among the most popular study destinations in the Anglophone regions in the world. The factors that set apart Australia as an education destination include cultural diversity, hospitality and quality education.

Quality of education

Eight of the top 100 universities in the world are in Australia. The government of Australia gives highest priority to the education sector as international students make significant contributions towards Australian economy. It means the quality of education stays high. Candidates with an Australian degree have high demand in international job market, owing to the high quality of Australian education system.

Peaceful environment

Australia is not only about beautiful beaches, scenic landscape and wildlife. The country offers a friendly and peaceful atmosphere for students pursue their degrees, with high standards of living.

Work opportunities

Most of the students have to depend on educational loans to fulfill their dream of an Australian degree. The employability rate is high among Australian university graduates, so that it is easy for them to pay back their education loans. Many Australian universities also offer career counselling for students.

Even during their studies, students can work up to 20 hours per week. It means they can meet their living expenses as well as gain experience in the field of their studies.

Cost of studies

Compared to major international education destinations such as the United States and the UK, the tuition fee is comparatively low in Australian universities. Besides, students may also get scholarships in Australia.

Variety of options

Australian institutions of higher education offer a vast variety of courses and degrees. So the international students can choose the course that suit their interests and aspirations. They can choose between, universities, institutions for vocational education and English language training. The students can also move from one institution to another, if they want to.

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