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Significant Rise In Australia Student Visa Applications

Australia visa applications increased by 20 per cent

Australia is fast emerging the most sought-after education hub for international students, shows the latest data on Australian visa applications. As per the data, Australia student visa applications have increased by 20 percent. A significant percentage of these applications, as in April 2018, is from Chinese students.

Australia student visa applications from Chinese students have been increased by 22%. This includes 14% rise in applications for university education. Applications to study in institutes of vocational education have also doubled.

There are many factors that make Australia a favourite destination for international students, especially from China and India. The most important factor among them is the comparative easiness in obtaining Australia PR and a job after graduation. The US tightening immigration policies has also made international students, especially from India and China, shift their focus towards Australia. Some of the other factors that make Australia attractive for international students include:

Why is Australia student visa in high demand?

High quality of education                               

Being a country that gives top priority to maintaining the quality of higher education, Australia has several world-class universities. Eight of the top 100 universities in the world are in Australia. The quality of Australian education is known all over the world as a result of which, graduates from Australian universities have high demand in the international job market.

Peaceful environment

The warm, welcoming atmosphere that Australia offers to international students is another factor that make Australia the favourite education hub for international students. Australia is a peaceful and safe country for international students to pursue their studies without any worries.

Low tuition fee

Compared to other popular destinations of international education such as UK and the US, tuition fee is lower in Australian universities. Moreover, students are allowed to work part-time, which means they can meet their living expenses by working while studying.

High rate of employability

Australia is a country with a strong economy and low unemployment rates. So a student who wants to stay back and work in Australia has vast opportunities to explore.

Ease of obtaining student visa

Compared to the UK and the US, it is comparatively easy to obtain Australia student visa. The lengthy, complicated and costly visa process is one of the factors that stop students from pursuing international education. But obtaining an Australia student visa is comparatively easier, with a simple and faster visa processing system. Contact us to know more

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