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British Columbia, Newfoundland recorded highest employment gains in October

British Columbia, Newfoundland recorded highest employment gains in October

A new Labour Force Survey conducted by Statistics Canada has found that British Columbia and Newfoundland recorded the highest employment gains in the month of October. During the period between October 2018 and October 2019, Canada added a total of 443000 new jobs, with major gains reported in full-time work, according to Statistics Canada.
Though overall employment in Canada came down slightly in October with a reduction of 1800 in net jobs, the national unemployment rate remained steady at 5.5 per cent, according to the survey. This drop is preceded by large employment gains in the months of August and September.
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Among the provinces, British Columbia emerged top by gaining 15000 net jobs in October. The major reason for this rise was the increases in full-time work among people aged above 55. At the same time, the unemployment rate of the province continued to remain the lowest in the country at 4.7 percent. Newfoundland and Labrador came second in terms of employment growth rate by gaining 2700 net jobs in October. This increase was mainly driven by the hike in part-time work among those in the core working age group of 24-54. In the case of other Canadian provinces, both the employment level and unemployment rate remained relatively the same.
The number of new jobs in the public administration sector increased by 20000 in October. British Columbia, Quebec, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island reported gains in this sector. Since October 2018, employment in the sector has grown by over 73000 or 7.6 per cent.
Finance, insurance, real estate, rental and leasing industries also witnessed in increase in employment in October. According to Statistics Canada, in increase by 18000 net jobs in this field is the second increase in three months. The number of jobs increased by 64000 since October 2018.
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