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Canada biometric program to be expanded to 150 countries

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Canada biometric program will be expanded to 150 countries within two years. Canada will collect fingerprints and facial photographs from travellers coming to the country as part of the biometrics program. The expansion will take place in stages in next two years.  Currently, biometric program is limited to 30 countries that are perceived to pose high risk to Canada with regard to fraudulent immigration documentation, asylum seekers, and refugee claimants.
The aim of expanding Canada biometric program to more countries is to strengthen the borders of Canada. This identity verification program will now be applicable to those who wish to come to Canada from these countries.
The biometric screening program covers applicants of temporary resident visa, study permit and work permit, except the US nationals. Permanent resident visa applicants also have to submit biometric details. The biometric details of the travellers are checked once they arrive at the major airports of Canada. Soon, checking will be expanded to more ports of entry.

The first stage of expansion began on July 31, 2018, which brought the applicants from Europe, Africa and the Middle East under the purview of Canada biometric program. The second stage will begin on December 31, 2018, when applicants from Asia, Pacific and the Americas will be included in the Canada biometric program.
In order to provide the biometrics details, the applicant has to pay $85 for individual application or $170 for family application. Those who travel to Canada several times will have to renew their biometrics details every ten years. Canada shares biometrics details the US, the UK, Australia and New Zealand.
Children below the age of 14 years and individuals above the age of 79 need not provide biometric details. Temporary resident visa applicants who have already provided the biometric details in support of their application for permanent residence also need not provide details.
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