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Canada Elections 2021: Viewpoints of major parties on immigration

Canada Immigration

For Canada, immigration is a means for achieving economic growth and a healthy population growth. As the country is all set to hold federal elections, major political parties have already revealed their standpoints on various problems related to immigration. The major issues they dealt with include delay in application processing, outdated technology and the Parents and Grandparents Program. Now here are the viewpoints of major Canadian political parties on immigration.

Liberal Party

Incumbent Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the leader of Liberal Party. The Party has shown a lenient attitude towards immigration. Ever since they came to power in 2015, they have systematically raised the annual immigration targets. During the pandemic as well, they promised to increase the immigration levels to record highs. Liberal Party is of the view that immigrants make immense contributions towards the overall progress of Canada. In 2017, they introduced multi-year immigration levels plan and Global Talent Stream. Some of the other initiatives introduced by Liberals for immigrants include the Agri-food Pilot, Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot and the Atlantic Immigration Pilot.

Conservative Party

The Conservative Party is the official opposition of Canada and their leader is Erin O’Toole. They are proposing several changes to the immigration system of Canada, for the benefit of the future immigrants and also the country.

The Conservative Party is of the opinion that applicants must be allowed to pay a certain fees to expedite the processing. The revenue can be used to appoint additional staff to reduce backlogs. If elected, they also plan to expedite the application processing by eliminating red tape, streamlining applications and making use of resources to the fullest.

The Conservatives also want the immigration system to be fairer. They want the operations to be made online and record all the interactions between immigration officers and applications. Another change that they would like to introduce is to match applicants with immigration officers who can better understand the cultural context of the applicant. They also want to give some time for the applicants to correct the mistakes on their application, if any, after submitting.

They also want to improve credential recognition. During the campaign, they are promising to launch a Credential Recognition Task force for finding solutions to problems related to credential recognition.

If elected, they will also scrap the lottery system for Parents and Grandparents Program and it will be replaced with first-come, first served system. Applicants will be prioritized if they are providing child care or family support and also have language proficiency.

Family members of Canadians will be allowed to live in Canada for up to five years without a permanent residence status. They will be allowed to renew their stay as long as they have a health insurance.

New Democratic Party

The New Democratic Party has promised to end caps on Parents and Grandparents Program and address the backlogs. They will also work with provinces to improve settlement services and foreign credential recognition.

The Party also wants to take action against unscrupulous immigration consultants and ensure that the industry is regulated by the government. They  also promise to provide status to caregivers and their families.

No matter which party comes to power in Canada, the country will be welcoming more immigrants. It seems parties are competing with each other for arranging facilities to attract more eligible immigrants to the country. Do you dream about a future in Canada? If yes, contact CanApprove to find your best options.

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