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Canada has one of the most powerful passports in the world

Canadian Immigration

Canadian passport is one of the most powerful passports in the world that allows you to travel to many countries without visa, according to Passport Index ranking. Passport Index, the website that ranks passports, has included Canadian passport in the fifth group along with the UK, France, Malta, the Czech Republic, Greece, Poland, Hungary and the US.

Canadian passport holders can visit 97 countries without visa and travel to 45 countries where they will get visa on arrival. The power of a country’s passport indicates its standing among the most developed nations in the world. At the same time, visa-free access is viewed as the freedom of citizens of a certain country.

Canada regularly finds its place among the countries with the most powerful passports.

Other benefits of Canadian citizenship

Canadian citizenship brings with a lot of benefits, especially the following:

  • Children automatically becomes Canadian citizens

Anybody born in Canada has Canadian citizenship.  However, only a citizen would be able to transmit their citizenship automatically to children, even if they are born outside Canada.

  • More job opportunities

You will have plenty of job opportunities even when you are a permanent resident. But once you become a Canadian citizen, you will be able to apply for positions in the government and security sectors.

  • Voting rights


Canadian citizenship entitles you the right to participate in the democratic life of the country. You will also be able to run for the federal Parliament.

How to become a Canadian citizen?

You can apply for Canadian citizenship five years after you become a permanent resident in Canada. However, you must have lived in Canada for at least three out of these five years to be eligible to apply for citizenship. Besides, you must have filed the taxes for at least three years in the five years when you have been in Canada. You also need pass a test on the rights, responsibilities and knowledge of Canada and prove your language skills.

Do you wish to know about Canada PR and Canadian citizenship? Talk to CanApprove’s Canada immigration consultants and find your best options for migrating to the country.

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