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Canada welcomed highest number of immigrants in 2018

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In the year 2018, Canada welcomed the highest number of new immigrants in a calendar year in more than a century. According to a Statistics Canada report, a total of 321,065 new immigrants came to Canada in the year, with 71,131 of them coming in the final quarter of the year alone. This is the highest figure for more than a century. In 1913, a total of 401,000 immigrants came to Canada, the highest figure in any calendar year.
The report further says that Canada’s population rose by 528,421 in 2018. This marks the biggest annual increase in Canada’s population since the 1950s. Immigration was responsible for more than 80% of this growth. Canada’s population growth rate was 1.4 per cent in 2018, the fastest population growth rate since 1990 and the strongest growth among all the G7 countries.

The significance of the role of immigration in this exceptional rate of population growth in Canada is highlighted by the fact that the natural population growth was just 103,176 in 2018. This is the lowest growth level since the modern population data recording was launched in 1940s.
Province-wise data shows that seven out of ten provinces in Canada witnessed an increase in immigration in 2018, compared to the previous year. The highest increase was recorded by Ontario. The province witnessed the number of immigrants increasing by more than 25000 in 2018, with the total number reaching 137,395 from 111,950. The second highest increase was recorded by British Columbia, where the number of immigrants increased by just over 6,500 newcomers and the total number grew to 44,975 from 38,440. However, these figures also imply how the smaller provinces of Canada, especially in the Atlantic region, are struggling to attract new immigrants. Though three out of four Atlantic provinces in Canada saw in increase in the number of new immigrants in 2018 compared to 2017, the numbers remain low considering the efforts taken to bring more immigrants to these regions.
Canada has been taking all efforts to increase the population in the country by means of immigration in such a way that it will contribute towards the growth of Canadian economy. If you plan to migrate to Canada, this is the right opportunity for you! Contact us for more details

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