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Government launches online campaign to boost Canada immigration

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With Canada immigration all set to become a major topic of discussion in the federal election in the country next year, the ruling government has launched an online campaign to highlight the positive impact of immigration on the country’s economy. The campaign named #ImmigrationMatters, launched in November, aims to facilitate a constructive conversation on immigration, based on facts and personal stories of the success of immigrants and how their presence helped the communities grow.
Under the campaign, the public are welcome to submit and share positive stories regarding immigration and immigrants from their communities. The immigration department will post these accounts on the campaign website and social media. People can find and share these positive stories regarding immigration with the help of campaign toolkit. They can also order #ImmigrationMatters buttons or business cards, which can be used to promote Canada immigration.
The Liberal Government of Canada, after they came to power in 2015, has taken several positive steps towards boosting immigration to the country. The annual immigrant admission target has been raised from 300,000 last year to 350,000 by 2021.

Key messages of #ImmigrationMatters campaign

  • Immigrants contribute to the economy and create jobs for Canadians;
  • Immigrants are thoroughly screened and respect our laws;
  • Immigrants integrate fully into Canadian society.

Criticism against campaign to boost Canada immigration

Majority of the Canadians, irrespective of their political leanings, are in support of lawful, co-ordinated and fair immigration. However, many feel that the immigration targets set by the government are a bit too high. Besides, irregular migration and refugees are putting pressure on Canadian economy, which also raise the concern of Canadians. Many think that the government must be fixing this problem before spending money on a campaign to promote Canada immigration.
Canada has opened its doors to immigrants who have skills and qualifications to contribute towards the growth of Canadian economy. If you are interested in Canada immigration, contact us for a free assessment to check your eligibility.

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