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46% Canadians think that immigration is good for the country

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In a survey conducted by Research Co. this month, around half of the Canadian respondents said that immigration was having a positive impact on the country. They constitute around 46% of the total respondents to the survey. Most number of those who supported immigration belonged to 18-34 age group. However, those who opposed immigration belonged to the age group of 35-54.

Quebecers proved to be the greatest supporters of immigration with 52% of them saying immigration is good for Canada. Most of those who opposed this view on immigration belonged to the province of Alberta.
One in five Canadians thinks that the number of legal immigrants coming to Canada must be increased. They consisted around 20% of the total respondents. While a larger proportion, around 36%, think that Canada must bring down the number of legal immigrants to the country.

Most of those who share the opinion that Canada should reduce the intake of immigrants belonged to the provinces of Ontario, Quebec and Alberta. In this case also, most of those who support bringing down the number of immigrants are in the age group of 35 to 54. They come to around 40%, while 15% of the total respondents of the survey think that the intake level of immigrants must be increased.

Around 55% of the Canadians think that hard work and talent of immigrants make Canada a better place to live. Almost 69% of those who responded this way belong to the age group of 55 and above. At the same time, 50% of the Canadians think that immigrants should be allowed to live in Canada only if they adopt Canadian values. Most of those who responded this way were men (57%) and aged 55 and above(62%).
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