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Canada ranked the third best country in the world

Canada ranked the third

Canada ranked third best country in the world, according to the US News & World Report. First came Switzerland, followed by Germany. The countries were ranked on the basis of various factors such as the potential to drive trade, travel and investment etc. The other factors that determined the ranking of the countries were quality of life, entrepreneurship, openness to business, movers etc.

Why Canada has ranked third in the World?

Canada is a high-tech industrial society with a high standard of living, noted the Report. While the service sector is Canada’s biggest economic driver, the country is a significant exporter of energy, food and minerals. Canada ranks third in the world in proven oil reserves and is the world’s fourth-largest oil producer, it observed. The Report also highlighted Canada’s commitment to multiculturalism, flourishing literature, system of government, participation in the peace-keeping missions of the United Nations among other things. Overall, Canada scored 97.8 in the rankings with high score for agility, quality of life, social purpose and openness to business.

Why immigration is highly important for Canada?

Canada is aiming to recover from the economic impact of the pandemic through immigration. As per the country’s Immigration Levels Plan for the period 2022 to 2024, a total of 431645 newcomers would be welcomed this year, 447055 next year and 451000 in 2024. Canada’s Immigration Minister Sean Fraser made clear Canada’s view on immigration last year with these words, “Immigration has helped shape Canada into the country it is today. From farming and fishing to manufacturing, healthcare and the transportation sector, Canada relies on immigrants.” He further said, “We are focused on economic recovery, and immigration is the key to getting there. Setting bold new immigration targets, as outlined in the 2022-2024 Levels Plan, will further help bring the immeasurable contribution of immigrants to our communities and across all sectors of the economy.”

Why is Canada the best?

Canada has emerged the best in other recent rankings as well. One such ranking was on the liveability of the cities and as per The Economist Intelligence Unit’s review, Canadian cities of Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto are among the most liveable cities in the world. Further, Canadians universities namely the University of Calgary and Simon Fraser University emerged as the one of the top quarter of universities in the world.
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