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Canada plans to expand pathways for temporary residents to PR

Canada plans to expand pathways for temporary residents to PR

Sean Fraser, the Immigration Minister of Canada, has tabled a plan for expanding pathways to permanent residence for international students and temporary foreign workers.  The strategy is for foreign workers and international students having significant work experience in sectors with persistent labour shortages. Documents were later released on Canada government’s website.

The strategy adopts a five-pillar approach for the IRCC to help temporary residents to become permanent residents in Canada.

Pillar 1: Canada government will be using the immigration targets outlined in the 2022-2024 Immigration Levels Plan. As per the Plan, the country will be welcoming 431645 newcomers in 2022. A new Immigration Levels Plan for the period 2023-2025 will be tabled by Minister Fraser on November 1.

Pillar 2:  Canada is planning to reform the Express Entry system in such a way that immigration candidates will be invited on the basis of the economic goal of the country. The Express Entry draws in this line will start in 2023.

Pillar 3:  The IRCC will adopt National Occupational Classification (NOC) 2021 on November 16. Under the new NOC system, 16 occupations,  which were previously ineligible, will become eligible under Express Entry.

Pillar 4: IRCC will add a new Municipal Nominee Program with an aim to increase French immigration outside Quebec.

Pillar 5:  IRCC is also taking efforts to modernise the Canada immigration system by increasing the processing capacity, improving the client experience and by applying advanced technology.

Motion 44 for Canada PR

These reformations are being introduced as a response to Motion 44 put forth by Randeep Sarai MP. It urged the Immigration Minister to make good on his commitment for temporary residents mentioned in the mandate letter. The following six points were specially highlighted in the motion.

-Give more weightage to Canadian work experience under economic immigration programs and expand eligible occupational categories.

-Select immigration candidates on the basis of data on labour market and skill shortages.

-Encourage retention of immigrants in smaller communities as well as Francophone immigration outside Quebec.

-Identify mechanisms for reacting quickly to the changing needs of the labour market as well as the economic priorities of different regions.

-Specifically consider occupations and essential services including health services, caregivers, agriculture, manufacturing, service, trades and transportation.
Canada is taking some significant steps to increase immigration to the country as well as to make the process of immigration smoother for candidates. So, for the aspiring immigrants, this is the right time to start the process. Know more about getting a Canada PR. Connect with CanApprove now!

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