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Canadian Immigration: Immigration Levels for 2018

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Ahmed Hussen, Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, will be announcing the immigration levels for 2018 sometime this week. These levels will include the number of economic migrants, family reunifications and refugees who can immigrate to Canada.
The liberal government intends on welcoming 300,000 immigrants to Canada in 2018. According to Hussen, immigration has helped empower Canada’s economy and has filled the gaps in demographics in provinces.
According to Hussen, the new immigration levels will have a clear majority of economic migrants as there is a need for immigrants in the economic class in Canada. Family class immigrants and refugees will also be in the new immigration levels as Canada gives priority to family reunification and helping those in need, respectively.
Approximately 20% of Canada’s 35 million people are from a foreign land, which makes Canada one of the world’s most multicultural countries. The diversity in Canada makes settling easier for immigrants.
According to Statistics Canada (StatsCan, 2017), 21.9% of Canadians are immigrants, the highest stats in 85 years! Additionally, the Legatum Global Prosperity Index (2016) revealed that Canada ranks 3rd out of 148 nations in the Social Capital sub-index which measures the strength of personal relationships, social network support, social norms and civic participation in a country.
The executive vice-president of the Association for Canadian Studies and the Canadian Institute for Identities and Migration, Jack Jedwab, believes that the immigrant-friendly nature of the immigration policies in Canada and welcoming facilities like immigrant-serving organizations play a vital role in the economic and social success of Canada. According to Jedwab, Canada’s approach is a model for the world.

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