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Bill proposes improvements for Canadian super visa for parents and grandparents

Canadian MP Kyle Seeback has proposed a bill that aims to improve the Super Visa for parents and grandparents. At present, parents and grandparents of Canadians can visit Canada to be with them for a maximum duration of two years at a time without having to renew visa. The bill wants to increase this time period to five years.


Other major proposals in bill on Canadian super visa

Another proposal in the bill is that the applicants of Super Visa must be allowed to purchase medical insurance from countries other than Canada. The MP pointed out that this move would save families thousands of dollars in terms of insurance costs.

Yet another proposal is to reduce the low-income cut-off for Canadians who wish to bring their parents and grandparents to the country. Speaking about the proposal to reduce the low income cut off, the MP pointed out that a parent or a grandparent staying with a family is not an economic burden. He said their presence enhances the economic wellbeing of the family as they provide some reduction in daycare costs by helping the parents to take care of their children.

Steps for bill on Canadian super visa to become law

The bill has already cleared first and second readings and is now being submitted to the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration for them to study. The Committee, which is comprised of elected federal government officials monitors federal policy relating to immigration and multiculturalism. They are also entrusted with the task of studying and making recommendations to guide the immigration policy of the country.

Now, in order for this Bill to become law, first it needs to pass the committee and the third reading. Then it will be sent for the approval of the Senate. Finally the Governor General would grant it the royal assent to become a law.

Those who cannot bring their parents and grandparents to Canada through the Parents and Grandparents Program, depend on Canadian super visa. The visa allows multiple entries within a period of 10 years.

Canada has several immigration pathways that allow citizens and residents to bring their family members to Canada. Connect with CanApprove and find out more about Canada family class migration. Contact us now!

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