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More Canadians in favour of increased immigration levels, shows survey

A recent survey has revealed that more Canadians are in favour of increased immigration than ever before. In the survey, around 70% of the Canadians were found to disagree or strongly disagree when asked whether Canada’s immigration levels were too high. The survey was conducted by Environics Institute of Canada, in partnership with the Century Initiative.
pnp-finderA total of 2000 Canadians took part in the survey, which was held between September 6 and 30, 2022. It was observed that the responses were largely influenced by the political leanings of the participants. Those who support higher levels of immigration are those belonging to the NDP and federal Liberal Party. Forty-three per cent of those who supported higher levels of immigration were Conservative party supporters.

Canada planning to welcome more immigrants

Canada is facing a huge labour shortage crisis in the aftermath of COVID-19 pandemic. Around one million positions are lying vacant in Canada at present. In order to tackle this crisis, Canada is planning to raise the targets in the Immigration Levels Plan. As per the current Plan, Canada will be welcoming nearly 432000 and 451000 new immigrants by 2024. A new Immigration Levels Plan is expected to be announced by November 1.

Over 50 per cent of the participants in the survey think that Canada needs more immigrants to increase its population. In Manitoba and Saskatchewan, more number of people have started to believe that Canada’s immigration levels have to be increased. In Alberta and Ontario also, the number of people supporting increased immigration levels has increased.

According to a recent census, two thirds of new immigrants to Canada belong to the working age population. It means majority of the new immigrants would be contributing to the Canadian economy by working and paying taxes.

Besides labour shortage crisis, Canada is facing a huge demographic crisis, as the country has low birth rate and a population which is aging fast. Besides, a huge portion of the Canadian workforce will retire in the coming few years and the country does not have enough young workers to replace them. So, Canada would be depending on immigrants to resolve these crises.

It means Canada offers many opportunities for immigrants. So, if you are planning to migrate to Canada, this is the right time to start the process. Connect with CanApprove and find your best options for migrating to Canada with the help of immigration experts. Contact us now!

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