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Employment rate in Canada returns to pre-pandemic levels

Immigrants Employment rate in Canada

The employment rate in Canada has returned to pre-pandemic levels, giving a fresh ray of hope to aspiring immigrants who plan to migrate to Canada in the near future. In September 2021, the economy of Canada gained 157000 new jobs. The data was revealed in the Labour Force Survey conducted by Statistics Canada between September 12 and 18.

Employment rate can be explained as the number of employed people as a percentage of the population above the age of 15. The employment rate of Canada in September 2021 was 60.9. The unemployment rate also kept declining for the fourth consecutive month and fell to 6.9 per cent in the same month, the lowest since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Canada also witnessed an increase in employment rate among very recent immigrants as well, which reached 71 per cent in September. Some industries have specially witnessed an increase in employment among very recent immigrants. These include professional, scientific, technical, finance, real estate, insurance and housing sectors. Employment rate among immigrants who have been in Canada for more than five years also increased to 59 per cent in September 2021.

Certain industries witnessed employment levels surpassing the pre-pandemic levels, which include public administration, information, culture, recreation, professional, scientific and technical sectors.

Canada needs more immigrants

Canada has a growing economy. But the low birth rate and an aging population is threatening the country’s continuous economic growth. So Canada is overcoming this demographic crisis through immigration. However, immigration had been severely affected by the restrictions imposed in the wake of COVID-19 since March 2020. However, with the pandemic situation improving, Canada has scaled back most of the border restrictions. So, more immigrants are likely to be admitted to Canada in the next few years.

As per the Immigration Levels Plan of Canada for 2021-2023, the country will be admitting more than 400,000 immigrants each year. The target for 2021 is 401000, for 2022, it is 411000 immigrants and for 2023, the target is 421000 immigrants. Among these, almost 60 per cent will be admitted through economic class programs such as Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Program.

Canada has set such a high target for these years in order to compensate the shortfall in immigration caused by the impact of the pandemic. The border restrictions imposed in the wake of COVID-19 had severely affected Canada immigration levels, leading to severe labour shortage in the country. The increase in employment rate means immigrants have a lot of job opportunities in Canada.  

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