Applying for Canada immigration during COVID-19 crisis

As part of the measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Canada has issued a set of instructions for immigrants and travellers affected by service disruptions. On March 16, Canada closed its borders for travellers except Canadian citizens and permanent residents. However, family members of Canadian citizens and permanent residents, air crew members and diplomats were exempted from the travel ban. Further, the passengers are being checked for symptoms of COVID-19 at the time of boarding. On March 15, IRCC announced that they were cancelling all citizenship ceremonies, citizenship tests and retests and itinerant service trips. Canada has also issued some instructions and allowed some relaxations for Canada immigration applicants as well.
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In the new circumstances, IRCC has made it clear that it would not refuse applications for non-compliance and the applications which have already been submitted will continue to be processed. However, the applicants must expect some delays as some visa application centres have been closed and some others are working with bare minimum staff.
The immigration officials will issue a request letter for additional documents that have to be submitted as part of the application. The applicants will have to submit the same within 90 days. Those who have already received the request letter but are unable to submit the documents will also receive an additional 90 days.

Those who have been asked to submit the biometrics details within 30 days will receive 90 days to fulfill the requirement. Those who have received invitation to submit complete application for permanent residence will also have some relaxation. If they are unable to submit the complete application within the stipulated 60 days, they may submit an incomplete application with an explanation letter citing the reason why they could not submit the complete application. They also need to pay all associated fees to have their deadline extended for an additional 90 days. Those who hold confirmation of permanent residence and permanent residence visas may also be eligible for an extended deadline.

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