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Immigration to Canada good for country, thinks majority of Canadians

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A survey, conducted recently by the Environics Institute has found that majority of Canadians are in favor of immigration to the country. They think immigration to Canada makes a positive impact on the country’s economy and immigrants make the country a better place to live. This is highly significant in the context where immigration is increasingly being politicized in the country.
A total of 2000 Canadians participated in the survey conducted in October 2018. Compared to the previous survey held in February 2018, the number of persons who disagreed with the statement “Overall, there is too much immigration in Canada” has come down from 60 percent to 58 percent. However, the number of persons who agreed with the statement has remained constant at 35 percent.
While around 76 percent of the Canadians think that immigration to Canada has made a positive impact on the country’s economy, 18 percent disagree. Around 45 percent of Canadians think that immigration is making Canada a better place to live, to which 17 percent disagree.

Is immigration to Canada a national problem?

Only seven percent of Canadians think so. Most of the Canadians think issues related to economy, environment and healthcare are more important than immigration. Notably, all those who think that immigration to Canada is a national problem have an educational qualification of only a high school diploma or below.

Are immigrants adapting to Canadian values?

Around 41 percent of Canadians think that immigrants are adapting to Canadian values while a slight majority, 52 per cent, think otherwise. Majority of the Canadians, both foreign and native-born, think that immigrants must respect Canada’s history and culture, besides having fluency in English or French, tolerance for each other and respect for the law. The survey also observed that concerns regarding integration of immigrants are the lowest compared to the past 25 years.

Who all support immigration to Canada?

A total of 63 percent Canadians who reside in the province of British Columbia don’t think that Canada is welcoming too many immigrants. A total of 60 per cent among them are under the age of 45 and 70 per cent of them hold a university degree. Canadians under the age of 45 and those with higher levels of education and income also think that immigration is good for the economy of Canada.
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