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Indian students grabbed highest number of Canada study permits in 2021

Canada study permits

Canada welcomed a record number of international students via its Study Permit Program in the year 2021. Almost 450000 study permits took effect in that year, which is almost double compared to the year 2015. The number of study permits issued in 2021 also broke the previous record set in 2019. Among the total number of invitations issued, a great majority went to Indian students, who got 217410 study permits. Chinese students grabbed the second highest number of Canada study permits, 105265 in total.
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622000 international students in Canada

In 2020, Canada had issued only fewer number of study permits owing to the pandemic. However, the record number of international students welcomed in 2021, seems to have compensated this drop in number. As in December 31, 2021, Canada had around 622000 international students. In 2019, the number was around 640000. But in 2020, it came down to around 530000 foreign students.

High demand for Canada study permit

But ever since Canada lifted the restrictions imposed in the wake of the pandemic, there has been a rebound in the number of international students coming to Canada. Canada has also eased the requirements for Post-graduation Work Permit, which is also another reason for the high demand for Canada study permit. Earlier, distant learning was not counted towards PGWP eligibility. But this requirement has been temporarily relaxed until August 31, 2022, as many of the international students has attended classes online, owing to the travel restrictions. So now, the international students who complete their studies at a designated learning institution in Canada, even if 100% is done online, are eligible to obtain a PGWP. With a PGWP, a student can live and work in Canada after their graduation, for up to a maximum of three years. During this period, they may gain the valuable Canadian work experience, with which they may apply for permanent residence in Canada.

Earlier, Canada’s Immigration Minister Sean Fraser revealed their plans for launching an exclusive permanent residence pathway for international students. He said that Canada was keen about retaining international students in Canada so that they could make a lasting contribution to the country.

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