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International graduates with expiring PGWP can apply for extension

International graduates

The Immigration Minister of Canada has announced that those with an expiring Post-graduation Work Permit(PGWP) can apply for extending their Open Work Permit as of April 6, 2023. This is applicable to anybody whose PGWP will expire in 2023. It is also applicable to those whose PGWP expired in 2022 and who applied for an extension last year.Canada pnp finderSo, the eligible candidates whose PGWP will be expiring may apply for an extension on the website of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada(IRCC) starting from April 6. Once they successfully apply, they will receive an interim work permit authorization by e-mail, which would allow them to continue working in Canada legally. 

Further, those whose legal status in Canada has expired may also apply to restore their status. This is possible even if their status expired out of the 90-day grace period. Upon successfully applying, these individuals would get their status restored and an interim Open Work Permit authorization.

The IRCC has informed that they would be sending messages to those who are eligible for an extension, inviting them to log into their IRCC account and submit the application.

Canada Post-graduation Work Permit

The Post-graduation Work Permit of Canada allows international graduates who have completed their education in a Designated Learning Institution in Canada to work in the country for a certain period. With this, the graduates would be able to gain much valuable Canadian work experience, which would help them obtain permanent residence in Canada in the future. The Canadian government believes that PGWP would help the graduates integrate well into the Canadian labour market as well as the society, which would make their transformation into Canadian permanent residents easier. Further, they would be able to improve their language and develop social networks in Canada, which would also help them to land a suitable job easily. 

Canada PR for international graduates

Certain immigration pathways like Express Entry give more points to candidates who have study and/or work experience in Canada. Further, many Provincial Nominee Programs(PNPs) also have dedicated pathways for international graduates to apply for immigration.

A majority of international students who come to Canada for studies prefer to settle in the country. Canada is also keen on welcoming young international talents to the country, as they are capable of contributing towards the growth of the country’s economy with their skills and talents. At end of the year 2022, Canada had more than 800,000 international students.

A majority of temporary residents in Canada who transition to Permanent Residents are PGWP holders. In 2022 alone, 98000 PGWP holders became permanent residents in the country. As Canada plans to welcome even more permanent residents in the coming few years, more international students stand a chance to obtain permanent residence status. 

According to the IRCC, there were more than 286000 PGWP holders in Canada by the end of 2022. About 127000 PGWPs will expire in 2023. But 67000 PGWP holders have already submitted their applications for permanent residence in Canada. So, they will not have to apply for an extension of their Work Permit.

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