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International migration to Canada rises to record levels

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International migration to Canada rose to record levels between April 1 and July 1, 2018. During this period, the population of Canada grew by 168,687 and 82% of this is attributed to international migration. According to Statistics Canada, this level of international migration is never seen before in any quarter.
The high level of increase in international migration to Canada also resulted in an overall population increase, the second largest level recorded in a three-month period since 1971. Though the natural increase in Canada’s population was in one of the lowest levels in this quarter, it was offset by the increase in migration levels. The increase in migration levels was the main driver of population growth in most of the Canadian provinces and the Yukon Territory between April 1 and July 1. Nova Scotia and New Brunswick experienced a natural decrease in population during this period, which was compensated by the increase in immigration level.

The level of international migration to Canada is calculated by adding the number of immigrants, returning emigrants and net non-permanent residents arriving in Canada and then subtracting net temporary emigration and emigrants departing Canada.
Canada witnessed of record number deaths during this quarter. The natural population increase during this period was 29,709. But it did not affect the population growth owing to the increase in immigration levels.
In the April 1-July 1, 2018 quarter, Canada welcomed 87,661 new immigrants. The number of non-permanent residents increased by 60,446 during this quarter, which is assumed to have resulted from the increase in the number of work permit holders, study permit holders and refugee claimants. Among the provinces, Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia recorded significant increase in the number of non-permanent residents during this quarter.
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