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IRCC warns Canada immigration aspirants against fraud


The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has cautioned aspiring immigrants and Canada education aspirants against fraudsters among immigration consultants. In a Tweet last week, the IRCC said, “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Learn how to spot scams and protect yourself.” Following this Tweet, a victim of immigration fraud opened up on Twitter about his experience and said that he received a fake Biometrics Instruction Letter and Passport Request. The agent fled and later, he got a letter from the IRCC asking him to lodge a formal complaint to the local authorities.
pnp finderIn another incident, fraudsters, pretending to be Canada immigration officials, asked students over the phone to make payments. The IRCC has clarified on its website that they would never ask for payment over phone. It means you should never trust a person who asks you to make payment by calling you over phone.

Many con arts also copy websites of original immigration consultancies or build one that looks authentic. They may offer special immigration deals or guarantee well-paid jobs. In this context, the IRCC reminds aspiring immigrants that:

  • No one can guarantee a visa to Canada.
  • No one but the Canada immigration authorities take the decision on issuing a visa
  • Processing fees are same for all Canadian immigration services around the world.
  • Canada immigration officials never ask immigrants to deposit money into a personal bank account.
  • They never ask someone to send money through a private money transfer service.
  • Neither do they threaten anyone.
  • They do not offer special deals on immigration
  • They do not use free e-mail services such as Gmail or Yahoo Mail to communicate with immigration applicants.

The IRCC website further warns that sometimes, applicants would receive an email which looks like it’s from a real company or the Government of Canada. They may even ask for personal information or credit card details or ask you to visit a fake website. But one must remember that Canadian immigration authorities never ask personal information over e-mail.

The rampant fraud activities in the name of Canada immigration make us realise the importance of relying on authentic immigration consultants to realise your immigration dreams. CanApprove is proud to say that we have more than 23 years of experience as a recognised Canada immigration consultancy and has helped hundreds of persons to realise their migration dream and build a better future. CanApprove has operations in Canada, Australia, Middle East and India and is led by experienced lawyers and expert immigration consultants. In short, if you wish to migrate to Canada, CanApprove can offer you the best services. Contact us to know more.

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