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Job vacancies in Canada again records an increase

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Job vacancies in Canada recorded a rise in 12 out of 13 provinces and territories in the last quarter of 2018, according to data from Statistics Canada. At the end of the year, Canada had 548,000 positions available, a rise of 16.6 per cent in 12 months. According to the latest data, the biggest increase in job vacancies was reported in Ontario and Quebec, by more than 25000 in both the provinces. Saskatchewan was the only province to record a reduction in the number of vacancies.
This is the ninth consecutive year where Canada is constantly showing increase in job vacancies and job vacancy rate. The data further shows that employers are finding it difficult to fill the job vacancies in Canada. For many Canadian employers, skilled worker immigration is the solution to this problem as it helps them find the best qualified members of staff for their organization.

Job vacancies in Canada: Province-wise increase
Ontario recorded an increase of 26,840 job vacancies in the fourth quarter of 2018. This shows an increase of 14.1 percent compared to the previous year. The industries that showed the biggest growth rate in Ontario were healthcare, social assistance, administrative and support services and construction. he province also witnessed a $1.55 increase in hourly wages, which means a rise of 7.6 percent. This is the biggest in wage rates among Canadian provinces. In Quebec, job vacancies increased by 25,465(27.5 percent). The industries that marked the biggest growth rate were health care and social assistance, retail trade and manufacturing. The hourly wages also grew by 40 cents in Quebec, which marks a 2 percent increase.
Job vacancies in British Columbia grew by 16,060, or 18.1 percent. The industries that showed the most number of vacancy increases were professional, scientific and technical services, transportation and warehousing, as well as agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting. The hourly wages also rose by $1.40, or 7.1 percent in British Columbia.
Job vacancies in Canada: Industry-wise increase
The industries that saw the biggest increase in the fourth quarter of 2018 were healthcare and social assistance. The vacancies in these sectors increased by 12,360( 26.7 percent). A significant percentage of this growth was recorded by Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia. These provinces also contributed the majority of vacancy increases in administrative and support services. Vacancies grew by 9,895, or 29.4 percent in this sector. Hourly wages in the sector also grew by $1.90 to $18.45, a 1.5 percent, which is the largest increase in any industry.
Construction was another sector that saw an increase in job vacancies, at a rate of 30%, the highest rate in all the sectors. The industry witnessed an increase by 8,590 more jobs compared to the previous year. The sectors that showed a decrease in vacancies were mining, quarrying and oil and gas extraction.
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