It is worthwhile to migrate to Canada, proves new report!

migrate to Canada

Are you planning to migrate to Canada? A new report proves that your decision is a wise one as Canadians are enjoying a better life compared to Americans. According to the report, Canadian middle class are better off than their American counterparts. The report of the Centre for the Study of Living Standards breaks the long-held belief that Americans earn more than Canadians. Though it might be true when it comes to top earners, the median household income of Canadians is higher at $59,438 compared to $58,849 of the Americans.
Canada is also ahead of the US in terms of income distribution. According to the report, 56 per cent of Canadian households are better off than American households at the same point of the income distribution. It means the bottom 56 per cent of Canadian household incomes is higher than the bottom 56 per cent of U.S. households. The report converted Canadian incomes into US dollars using Purchasing Power Parities (PPPs) from Statistics Canada.
The report has considered income before tax. It is a fact that income tax is higher in Canada compared to the US. But Canada offers better access to public services, especially universal healthcare. Moreover, income inequality is broader in the US compared to the Canadians. The report shows that the poorest Canadians are better off than their Canadian counterparts.
A poll conducted in January 2019 had found that more than a quarter of Americans wanted to leave the US and move to Canada. According to the Gallup survey, 26 per cent of Americans who wished to leave had Canada as their favoured destination.
All these facts once again prove that the best thing you can do for yourself and your family is to migrate to Canada. Moreover, tech workers who are disappointed with the US tightening its immigration rules can now be happy that they can find better opportunities and a great future in Canada!
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