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Spouses of some Temporary Work Permit holders will soon be eligible for Open Work Permit

The eligibility of Open Work Permit(OWP) will be expanded to the spouses of some Work Permit holders, announced Canada’s Immigration Minister Sean Fraser on December 2, 2022. Work permits allow eligible temporary residents in Canada to work in the country. Normally, the work permits are issued for a specific job with a specific employer. But the Open Work Permits allow foreign nationals to work for any employer in any job.
pnp finderIt is expected that allowing the spouses of temporary work permit holders would attract more skilled immigrants to the country. Earlier Open Work Permit was issued to the spouses of international students, Canadian permanent residents and citizens. So the new development indicates that Canada is ready to welcome more immigrants to the country.

Open Work Permit for spouses of temporary workers in Canada

With this major change in the work permit policy, Canada expects to receive more than 100000 new applications for work permits. The Program will come into effect in 2023 and will be implemented in three different phases.

  • High-wage stream: This stream is for the spouses of higher paid workers who hold a temporary work permit
  • Provinces and territories stream- This stream is meant for the spouses of lower wage workers
  • Families of agriculture workers – The stream deals with families of seasonal agriculture workers.

Why do Canada need foreign workers?

Canada has a huge demand for foreign workers as a record number of job vacancies are lying vacant in the country. The labour market crisis, which the country is currently facing will only intensify as a significant number of Canadian workers are about to retire in the coming years. So, Canada is planning to tackle this challenge by welcoming more foreign workers to the country. As per the Immigration Levels Plan for 2023-25, Canada will be welcoming over 1.45 new immigrants to the country by the end of 2025.

So, you can go to Canada even if you do not have Canada PR and your spouse can also join you there and even work with an Open Work Permit. Do you wish to know more about obtaining a Canadian work permit or moving to Canada permanently? Talk to the Canada migration experts of Canada and they will help you find the best options for realising your dreams. Connect with CanApprove now.

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