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Demand to strengthen Canada immigration for tackling labour shortage

labour shortage

Bringing more foreign workers to Canada is an effective solution to the labour shortage crisis being faced by the country, said a study report on labour shortage, especially being faced by small businesses in Canada. More than 1 in 2 Canadian small businesses in Canada are said to be affected by labour shortage, according to a research report released by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB). The labour shortage crisis has only worsened with the onset of the pandemic, says the report. According to the report, though the small businesses in the country tried out several measures to tackle the problem such as raising the wages, they failed to address the main problem, which is the lack of any applicants.

Canada immigration as a solution for labour shortage crisis

As a solution, CFIB has put forward strengthening of the immigration system. They want to bring more foreign workers faster to the country by improving and streamlining Temporary Foreign Worker Program(TFWP) and immigration processes. The temporary foreign workers should also be provided with a path to permanent residency, they say. They have also urged the government to consider opening up the TFW program temporarily to include a broader level of skills and sectors so that  small businesses will have quick access to temporary foreign workers and thus will be able to recover from the pandemic easily.

Labour shortage crisis for small businesses in Canada

The labour shortage crisis, especially after the COVID-19 broke out, has severely affected small businesses in Canada. More than half of these businesses are unable to find enough staff. In September 2021, almost 63% of the small businesses reported that they did not have applicants or employees with the necessary skills or experience. At the same time, 52% of small applicants said they didn’t to have any applicants.

The labour shortage is hampering the ability of the small businesses to drive production and sales growth, thus limiting their development and expansion, says the report. The report further urges the government to help small businesses address the labour shortage crisis. They pointed out that for small business, hiring foreign workers is time-consuming and expansive, which should change.

High demand for workers in Canada means more opportunities for immigrants. Canada is keen to welcome foreign workers with in-demand skills to migrate to Canada. Explore your options for Canada migration. Contact CanApprove now!

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