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Billboards highlight benefits of immigration to Nova Scotia

benefits of immigration

New billboards have appeared around Halifax in Nova Scotia that highlight the benefits of immigration to Nova Scotia. The digital billboards were placed jointly by Halifax Chamber of Commerce and the Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia and EduNova. They aim “get the facts out and set the record straight” about immigration to Nova Scotia, according to Halifax Chamber of Commerce.
The billboards highlight five important messages, which are:

  • Immigration grows the economy, jobs and diversity.”
  • “15,000 international students add over $400,000,000 to Nova Scotia’s Economy.”
  • “Nova Scotia is Growing Thanks to Immigration.”
  • “Immigration Brings a World of Experience.”
  • “Immigration … It’s our Strength, It’s our Story.”

Two weeks ago, certain billboards had appeared in Halifax, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Regina that read “Say NO to mass immigration”. But these billboards had to be removed soon by the responsible company following an overwhelming public criticism.
However, the Halifax Chamber of Commerce has made it clear that the billboards highlighting the benefits of immigration to Nova Scotia were placed not in response to these anti-immigration ads. CIC News quoted Patrick Sullivan, president and CEO of the Halifax Chamber of Commerce as saying that there is no mass immigration to Canada. According to him, immigration is crucial for the growth of Halifax and Nova Scotia economies. Halifax Chamber of Commerce has been supporting immigration well over a decade and billboards are an extension of that ongoing strategy, Sullivan said.
He further said Halifax Chamber of Commerce wanted to inform the residents of Halifax and Nova Scotia how important immigration was to their economic story and how important immigration was to their economy. He also pointed out that Nova Scotia’s population was aging and immigration was necessary to make sure that Nova Scotia employers have the employees they require to stay in business and contribute to the economy.
Sullivan told CIC News that the public response to the new billboards had been “overwhelmingly positive,” unlike what happened in the case of earlier anti-immigration ads. Many people congratulated them for placing these ads and they received positive responses from majority.
Nova Scotia gives priority to raising immigration and the province thinks it is crucial in revitalizing its communities and filling persistent labour gaps. Last year, a record 5,970 new permanent residents settled in Nova Scotia and the province’s Office of Immigration says the number will be surpassed this year.
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