British Columbia changes point system for BCPNP

BC PNP points system

The Canadian province of British Columbia has introduced certain important changes to its Provincial Nominee Program points system to reflect the changes that have come into effect in the National Occupation Classification. The following changes have been introduced to the points system of British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP):

  • Points have been removed for National Occupation Classification (NOC) skill levels. The NOC system has currently moved to TEER classification.
  • As a result of this the points awarded to human capital factors as well as economic factors have increased. Human capital factors include skills, experience, education etc. At the same time, economic factors include job offer, income district of employment etc.
  • Additional points will be awarded to professional designations and language proficiency.
  • Further, under the new system, more points would be awarded to those who have previous study or work experience outside metropolitan Vancouver.


Table of points allocation

FactorsScoring Selections
Max Points
Human Capital FactorsDirectly Related Work Experience40
Highest Level of Education40
Language Proficiency (English or French)40

Economic FactorsHourly Wage of the B.C. Job Offer55
Area within B.C.25
Total points available200

Major changes in BCPNP points system

A major change introduced is the removal of points based on the NOC skill level of the applicant’s job offer. Earlier, up to 60 points in value based on the NOC were allotted to the applicant. Now, these points are distributed across both human capital and economic factors of the applicants.

Along with this removal of points, every other human capital or economic factor has been given additional points. These include:

  • Maximum 60 points for directly related work experience. Earlier it was 40.
  • Maximum 40 points for the highest level of education. Earlier it was 25.
  • Maximum 40 points for language proficiency. Earlier it was 30.
  • Maximum 55 points for hourly wage of job offer. Earlier, it was 50
  • Maximum 25 points for area within British Columbia. Earlier it was 10 points.

As part of the new changes, eligible professional designations held by an applicant will be awarded an additional 5 points. Further, language proficiency level equal to Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 9 now receives a full score. Ability in both French and English are recognized and applicants who have both are awarded an additional 10 points.

Weightage for the job location within British Columbia has also been readjusted as below:

  • 0 points for employment in metro Vancouver district
  • 5 points for employment in the Squamish, Abbotsford, Agassiz, Mission, and Chilliwack districts
  • 15 points, for any other area in B.C.

Further, an additional 10 points will be awarded to individuals with specific regional education or work experience.

The higher wage ceiling to receive maximum number of points based on income has now been increased to $145000. Earlier, it was $100,000. The points awarded under this criterion have also been increased from 50 to 55.
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