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Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry Stream reopens

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Category B of Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry (NSDEE) Stream reopened briefly on December 9. In this opening, Nova Scotia would accept between 175 and 225 applications. This time too, the NSDEE reached the intake limit quickly. The Stream operates on a first come, first served basis. So it is advisable that the candidates planning to apply to the stream to stay prepared and up-to-date for the NSDEE reopening.

Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry Stream (NSDEE)

Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry (NSDEE) is one of the two streams of Nova Scotia Nominee Program aligned to Express Entry.  The stream is exclusively for highly skilled candidates with post-secondary education and qualifications required by the labour market of Nova Scotia. Under the Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry (NSDEE) stream, Nova Scotia can nominate a limited number of candidates from the federal government’s Express Entry pool.

The stream has a unique point system and the points are awarded on the basis of language proficiency, age, work experience, education, and adaptability.

Category B

Category B of Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry (NSDEE) is for applicants with experience in an opportunity occupation. In order to be eligible under this category, the candidate must have at least one year of continuous full-time experience or equal amount of part-time paid work experience in the six years prior to submitting the application.

Other requirements:

>The candidates must have registered with the Express Entry system of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
>Score a minimum of 67 points
>Have a minimum one year of skilled work experience in one of the opportunity occupations
>Have a Canadian high school credential or equivalent
>Prove language ability in English or French
>Prove financial capacity to settle in Nova Scotia successfully
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