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Quebec invites 23 candidates in January 16 Arrima draw

Arrima draw

Quebec has released the results of the latest Arrima draw held on January 16, 2020, in which 23 candidates of Quebec’s Regular Skilled Worker Program received invitations to apply for Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ). All the candidates invited in the draw had their earlier applications quashed as part of the immigration reforms introduced by Quebec in June 2019, which are known as Bill 9. Previous draws too have prioritized the candidates affected by Bill 9 reforms. In an earlier statement, the Quebec Government had informed that the draws till January 16, 2020 will prioritize such candidates. So the latest draw is probably the last such draw that prioritizes these candidates.

The candidates invited in the latest Arrima draw are those who had submitted their Expressions of Interest to MIFI before December 17, 2019.They had also held a temporary resident status or a work/study permit in Quebec at the time of application.

Arrima system

Quebec introduced the Arrima system for managing applications to its Regular Skilled Worker Program in 2018. This electronic system of submitting Expressions of Interest replaced the “first come, first served” system that existed earlier. The candidates who wish to move permanently to Quebec through the Regular Skilled Worker Program must first submit an Expression of Interest (EoI) through Arrima. Each EoI profile submitted in this manner are assessed and ranked on the basis of various eligibility factors. Based on the labour market needs of the province, Quebec invites the highest ranking candidates to apply for a CSQ. The invited candidates can submit the complete application for CSQ within six months. Upon obtaining a CSQ, they may apply for permanent residence in Canada with the federal immigration ministry of Canada.
Quebec is an attractive immigration destination where residents enjoy high living standards and better career opportunities. Contact with the Quebec immigration consultants of CanApprove to explore your options to move to Quebec.

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