Quebec Expression of Interest invitations to be issued soon

Canada PR applications

Quebec’s Immigration Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette has informed in a news conference that the province will soon begin to issue first invitations through the Quebec Expression of Interest system(EOI). The invitations will be issued to Quebec Skilled Worker Program candidates through the online Arrima portal of the Quebec Expression of Interest system.
The Arrima portal was launched last year with an aim to receive Expressions of Interest (EOIs) to Quebec Skilled Worker Program and manage the pool of candidates. So far, Quebec has received around 100,000 EOIs through Arrima since last September.

Quebec Expression of Interest system

The Quebec Expression of Interest system was introduced to replace the previous first-come-first-served approach to accepting applications to the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP). Under the system, candidates can submit an Expression of Interest for Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) through the Arrima portal. Each profile is awarded a score based on various factors such as age, education, area of training, work experience and proficiency in French. The highest scoring candidates are invited to apply for CSQ. Quebec may also invite candidates considering factors such as labour shortages in the province’s outlying regions. Those who successfully apply for and obtain CSQ can then apply for permanent residence in Canada.

Processing time to come down

During the news conference, Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette further said that the processing time of applications accepted through the Quebec Expression of Interest system will eventually be reduced to six months. He also invited those candidates whose pending applications to the QSWP were dismissed following the new reforms to apply through Quebec Expression of Interest system.

Employer access to Quebec Expression of Interest system

A new feature will be added to Arrima portal in February 2020, which will give employers access to lists of potential candidates. They will be able to contact individuals with a job offer directly through the Arrima portal.
According to the immigration minister, the new reforms being introduced to the Quebec Expression of Interest system are part of the Quebec government’s commitment to addressing labour shortages in all regions of Quebec. “We heard and listened to the different needs in all regions of Quebec as well as those of the economic community. Immigration is one of the solutions to Quebec’s labour shortages and we will ensure that immigrants who choose to settle here will be able to participate fully in Quebec society,” said the minister.
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