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Canada: Reasons for Inadmissibility

Canada: Reasons for Inadmissibility

Reasons for Inadmissibility

Before moving ahead with your plans to immigrate to Canada, it is important to find out if you meet the admissibility requirements of the country. A person wanting to enter Canada may be found inadmissible by Canadian law for any of the following reasons:

Criminal Inadmissibility

  • Criminal inadmissibility is for an individual who has been convicted of or has committed a crime.
  • Some of the crimes that lead to inadmissibility include theft, assault, manslaughter, reckless driving, driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol and the possession of or trafficking of drugs and/or controlled substances.
  • The act must be considered a crime in both the place it was committed and in Canada to lead to inadmissibility.
  • In the case where the crime was committed outside of Canada, a conviction is not necessary if there is substantial evidence to prove the crime.

However,  it is ultimately in the hands of the immigration officer to decide if a person must be allowed to enter Canada or not.

Other Reasons for Inadmissibility

Some of the other reasons for a foreign national to be found inadmissible include:

  • He/she is a security risk.
  • He/she has committed human or international rights violations.
  • He/she has a serious health problem.
  • He/she has a serious financial problem.
  • He/she deliberately provided incorrect information in the submitted application and/or interview.
  • He/she does not meet Canada’s immigration law requirements.
  • If one of their family members is not allowed in Canada.

Deemed Rehabilitation

Deemed rehabilitation is a way for an aspiring Canadian immigrant to overcome criminal inadmissibility.

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