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Here’s Everything You Should Know About Canada Permanent Residency Requirements!

Every single year, millions of people go through the Canada immigration process and get settled in an entirely new province, country looking for better opportunities & chances!

Maybe, that’s why you are here too, looking for how to migrate to Canada? It’s not that you do not know about the Canada immigration process, it’s that you only have a partial idea of what’s happening at the other end & how prepared you should be. This could have made you feel completely baffled, leading you to type “How to Apply for Canada PR?” or “Canada PR Requirements” in the google search bar!

Now, that we’ve completely understood what your intentions are, buckle yourself up and scroll down because there’s a whole lot for you to read!

A little brush up with the basics could do more good than you think. So here we are,

What is a Canada PR (Permanent Residency) Visa?

Individuals who look forward to migrate to Canada often end up migrating through the Canada Permanent Residency Program which is considered and believed to be one of the easiest ways to migrate to Canada and yes, it is!

A Canada PR visa allows you to stay & work in a Canadian province as long as you want provided you meet all the eligibility requirements to migrate to Canada. People often think that an immigration process is quite ever-lasting & there are a lot of difficulties in immigrating.

We would say that’s an absolute myth that has been preventing people to see the better world!

Well, here’s the fact:

“With assistance & proper guidance you can be in one of the Canadian provinces in no time!”

On What Factors is A Canadian PR Visa Eligibility Calculated?

We found out that the above-mentioned question has been constantly throbbing the minds of people because the answer has not yet been clearly told!

The answer is quite simple! You will be assessed based on your age, education & experience & IELTS exam score. Based on these factors, you will be given a score out of 600 (second level assessment) based on the Comprehensive Ranking System. You should obtain a minimum score of 300 to be eligible. (Trust us, there’s more to this eligibility process than it meets the eye!)

Before we move further, you should know what Comprehensive Ranking System is! The CRS is a points-based system based on which you will be assessed and found out whether you will be eligible for a Canada PR or not! Maybe even you can assess yourself or we can help you know whether you are eligible to apply for Canada PR or not.

The Age Factor:

Age is an important factor when it comes to immigration. The Canadian government offers points based on every individual’s age. You should also remember that you are not eligible once you have crossed the age of 46. (Not to worry if you have crossed 46. Contact us to know other possible alternatives).

The Education Factor:

You might be a candidate possessing double graduation or a Diploma or a Ph.D. degree. You get points accordingly for the degree you possess which is an added advantage when it comes to evaluation.

The Experience Factor:

If you are an employee having years & months of experience, it adds points to your total score. Now, wait. There’s a catch in the previous sentence. The Canadian government only considers whole years of experience and it does not take into account any months nor you can club months of experience gained from two different organizations.

The Important Factor – IELTS: 

ILETS acts as the base for a Canada Immigration Process. Without IELTS you can very well assure that you will not be making to Canada. The IELTS examination helps understand the evaluating authorities that you are proficient in the English Language. You must obtain a score of 6 out of 9 in IELTS examinations. You might as well as enrol yourself for some IELTS coaching if you really want to make it through the first step of obtaining a Canada PR.

Beyond this you will need a medical & a police clearance certificate which takes only a few days to obtain.

We know that’s a lot of information to take in & understand all in one time. But still, we hope that you are quite clear with the basic requirements you need to apply for a Canada PR.

Once you are sure that you are eligible by assessing yourself with the points-based system mentioned in this article above, all you are left with is the process of applying for a Canadian PR which definitely needs some expert guidance.

If you have read this far, then it is clearly obvious that you are considering Canada immigration quite seriously.

Maybe we can help you from here until you finally move to the province you wish to! Our team of Immigration experts could help you out and put a stop to your search. By getting in touch with us, you are already half way on obtaining a Canada PR!

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