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Niagara College is still accepting applications for the fall intake of 2019!

Niagara College

It ain’t ended still! Yes… Niagara college in Ontario is still accepting the applications for September intake, the fall of 2019. Canada, housing the world’s best colleges in all its provinces is persistently pushing the efforts for providing the best education for the students. Canadian government and Universities are giving the students, the enormous facilitations in academics and living as well. The performance in educating the students and their results are the reason behind the success of Canadian Universities and their peculiar system of education. It is worth stating that the government of Canada and universities are giving its prominence in delivering at most knowledge in educating the students, which results in creating the best citizens for the world and increasing the employability rate.

Niagara College in Ontario

This College began in 1967 in the Ontario province of Canada. The purpose of the college was with respect to the initiative of the province taken to provide job opportunities by conducting diploma and certificate courses and delivering the education as well. With the label of applied arts and technology, this college has been doing the distinctive work of creating more graduates with job opportunities, right from its origination.
Ontario, one of the 10 provinces and 3 territories of Canada, is the house for many colleges and universities. The capital of the country, Ottawa lies in this province. Toronto, the major Canadian metropolis city with the core of majestic skyscrapers is also inhabited here in Ontario. This is the most populous and second largest province of the country. The economy of Ontario lies on Shipment, Tourism and Power generation. The climate of Ontario is defined as humid continental because of its warm summers and very cold winters. Ontario consists of wetlands, forests and wood plains thus giving a beautiful ambience to live and explore.
This province is where the NC is housed. The college focuses on the empowerment of the students practising in there. Also, it provides hands-on experience for the students which helps them in gaining professional knowledge and fieldwork practices.

Branches and Courses

There are 2 branches of the college in Ontario itself. One is located in Welland and the other on the lake. Different courses are offered in both the branches, few are as listed;

Niagara College – Welland

UG Programs
• College Certificate – Pre-Technology
• College Certificate – Personal Support Worker
• College Diploma – Photonics Engineering Technician
• College Diploma – Computer Programmer
• Advanced College Diploma – Computer Programmer Analyst (Co-op)
• Advanced Diploma – Photonics Engineering Technology
• Advanced College Diploma – Business Administration – Accounting (Co-op)
• Advanced College Diploma – Business Administration – Marketing (Co-op)

PG Programs
• Graduate Certificate – Autism and Behavioural Science

Niagara College – Niagara on the Lake

UG Programs
• College Certificate – College Exploration in General Arts and Science
• College Certificate – Culinary Skills
• College Diploma – Business – General
• College Diploma – Business – International Business
• College Diploma – Tourism Management & Business Development (Co-op)
• College Diploma – Business & Accounting
• College Diploma – Hospitality – Hotel and Restaurant Operations (Co-op)
• Advanced College Diploma – International Business in Business Administration
• Advanced College Diploma – Accounting in Business Administration
• Advanced College Diploma – Business Administration – Accounting (Co-op)
• Advanced College Diploma – Business Administration – Marketing (Co-op)
PG Programs
• Graduate Certificate – Artisan Distilling
• Graduate Certificate – Ecosystem Restoration
• Graduate Certificate – Environmental Management and Assessment
• Graduate Certificate – International Business Management

It is indubitable that the courses specified above are possibly having a big deal. There are more job demands and also these courses provide more business knowledge, where one could learn in depth about the business process during the course of study. The students get to work in the field which makes them acquire professional knowledge. These courses also help the candidates to work there after graduation by providing a work permit.

Benefits of studying at NC

Studying at Niagara College has the following advantages and results,
• There are more than 100 certificate, diploma, apprenticeship and bachelor’s degree programs.
• There are More than 600 credit, vocational and general interest courses.
• Niagara College gives an unforgettable experience when it comes to student centres, clubs, intramural or varsity sports, volunteer opportunities or any other campus programs.
• Provides hands-on learning opportunities.
• 81.1% of the graduates from NC gain employment within 6 months of graduation.
• It was a great pleasure for 94.3% of employers who were very gratified with the graduates they hired from NC.
• NC consistently ranks top in student satisfaction among the Colleges in Ontario.
• Students from over 90 countries are preferring and studying in NC.
• Having On-campus job opportunities.
• One of our pathway options helps you earn both, Niagara College diploma and a university degree from an accredited Canadian university.
• Get a work permit after graduation.
• Become a universally recognised candidate.
• High living standards at low cost.

Application and Admission

Niagara college is still accepting applications for September 2019, the fall intake. The deadline for applying is fixed to be 1st July 2019. Niagara College is proving its excellence in educating the students right from its start.
Get your admission to Niagara college, now with the help of CanApprove. We are providing education and immigration services successfully for more than 20 years. Our team of experts help you with finding the best course and assist you in every aspect of processing your application. Connect with us to know more about NC and its courses …

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