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Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario has its openings going on for September 2019 intake!


Trent University in Peterborough is accepting applications for the September 2019 intake. Canada is being the favourite study abroad destination for international students because of its uncompromising and distinctive quality of the education system. Canada focuses on creating professionals by enhancing their skill sets and personality of the students. It plays a vital role in increasing the employability rate of the students studying in Canadian universities.  Canada has universities and colleges which are the best in the world. The facilitation and treatment of the Canadian government and universities are the reasons standing behind Canada for being one of the favourite study abroad destinations for international students.

Peterborough, Ontario

Peterborough, a city in the Ontario province which attracts the people for its array of museums, art galleries, theatres, heritage attractions, cultural exhibitions and historical sites. This city was once called ‘the electric city’ because it was the first town ever in Canada which used electrical streetlights. This is the busiest city whose economic base lies on technology and manufacturing where General Electric, Siemens and Rolls-Royce like multi-national companies have its operations. The climate in Peterborough is humid continental with 4 distinct seasons where summers are warm all over. The southern part of the city faces mild winter and in the northern part, winters are very sharp and cold. It is a preferable city to migrate and this is the place where Trent university is located….

Quite exciting is it not? Keep reading to enhance the excitement……

Trent University

          Trent University was established in 1964 by the citizens’ committee members in order to serve the city and neighbouring countries better. It was created by the Trent University act of 1962 – 1963. It is ranked the number one graduate university in Ontario province. It houses more than 700 international students from 100 different countries. Coming to the research part, Trent University has been ranked 4th in Canada. It is the best opportunity a student aspiring about abroad education could ever get. The small-sized classes in Trent help the students to build effective bridges with the faculty members. The ratio is of 18:1 student – Teacher per class. This helps the teacher monitor the candidates and also deliver effective education. Almost 95% of the students are satisfied with choosing the university and the quality of education received. It offers more than 100s of programs in all levels of education. Some of the courses offered by Trent University are as follows;

Few Courses in Trent University

  • Graduate Diploma – Instrumental Chemical Analysis (Course-Based)
  • Master of Arts – Applied Modelling and Quantitative Methods (Thesis-Based)
  • Master of Arts – History (Thesis-Based)
  • Master of Arts – Sustainability Studies (Thesis-Based)
  • Master of Arts – Sustainability Studies (Internship)
  • Master of Arts – Sustainability Studies (Course-Based)
  • Master of Education – Educational Studies (Thesis-Based)
  • Master of Education – Educational Studies (Course-Based)
  • Master of Education – Educational Studies (Research Project)
  • Master of Instrumental Chemical Analysis (Course-Based)
  • Master of Science – Quantitative Methods and Applied Modelling – Financial Analytics (Course-Based)
  • Master of Science – Life and Environmental Sciences (Thesis-Based)
  • Master of Science – Psychology (Thesis-Based)

The university offers all the above-mentioned courses which are a pathway to acquire a better professional career in life after graduation. Students have the possibility to get hands-on experience and internship programs to get some knowledge and preparations about the field work. The satellite college (branch college) is located in the Oshawa region of Ontario. Trent is an Oxbridge university (a portmanteau of Oxford and Cambridge – the two old universities of UK). Graduating from Trent University gives the candidates the probability of getting well-paid jobs in the relevant field of study.

 Application Process

Trent is accepting the applications for September 2019, the fall intake. July 1st, 2019 is the deadline for applying.

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The ball is in your court…    

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