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Northern College of Ontario in Canada has opened the gates for the winter intake, Jan 2020!

Northern College of Ontario

Northern College of Ontario in Canada has opened the gates for the winter intake, Jan 2020! Abroad education has always been a never-ending dream of abroad aspirants and students unless it is attained. Getting educated in top universities abroad can enhance the life of an individual. One can attain life prospects and fulfil dreams by studying abroad.

Canada is providing a world-class education for international students at a low cost. There are top universities of the world housed there in Canada. Government of Canada and universities are focussing towards delivering quality education for all the students. Most of the universities and colleges in Canada are very old and renowned that they are serving for more than half a century.

The Canadian government also have more liberal policies for international students and foreigners by being open to immigration. If you are a person aspiring abroad education, this blog is for you. Read on…


Ontario is one of the 13 Canadian provinces and territories in central Canada. The provincial capital of Ontario is Toronto which is the city of skyscrapers. Ottawa, the capital of Canada is housed here in Ontario. This is the second-largest province in the country. Northern College is located in this province.

Along with skyscrapers and urban buildings, there are also wood plains and forests found in the province. Economic resources of this province include power generation, shipment and tourism. Also, there is a scope for technology and development in Ontario. The climate is humid continental which brings warm summers and cold, long winters. Ontario is one of the most preferred locations of international students and immigrants. This is the best-suited city for a foreigner to step in…

Northern College:

Northern College was established in the year 1967 in the northern part of Ontario. This college is serving the students community for more than 50 years which is an Applied arts and technology college that grants graduate certificates for students. There are 4 campuses which are acting throughout Ontario in different locations. They are;

  • Timmins
  • Kirkland Lake
  • Moosonee
  • Haileybury

The college is offering the courses in the following domains for winter intake;

  1. Global Business Entrepreneurship Technology (GBET) – Undergraduate Diploma
  2. Mobile Application Development – Post Graduate Diploma

Courses from business and technology disciplines are offered and they are categorized as;


Global Business Courses

  • Cross-Cultural Competency and International Business
  • Global Digital Collaboration and Decentral Organizations
  • Global Politics, International Law and Markets

Entrepreneurship Courses

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Planning
  • Innovation and Disruption
  • Organizational Strategy and Adaptive Execution
  • Creativity, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

 Technology Courses

  • Design and User Experience
  • Emerging and Exponential Technologies
  • Management of Technology
  • Introduction to Computer Science for Technology Managers

All the programs mentioned above enhances the students to interact and cope with the exponential business and technology in the forthcoming years. The courses are chosen by the authorities to meet the labour market needs and demands for the professionals in business and technology domains. Students from Northern college practising GBET courses have vast job opportunities in public and private business environments, private organisations, startups and other technological enterprises. If you are fascinated about studying business abroad, this is a perfect time! What are you waiting for? Registration obviously…

Registration Process:

Northern College of Ontario in Canada has opened the gates for the winter intake, Jan 2020! Your applying deadline is fixed to be 30th September 2019. Apply with CanApprove. We are here to help.

CanApprove is an organisation providing immigration and education services successfully since 1998, for more than 20 years. Our team of experts are here to guide you in all possible aspects of your abroad plan. Connect with us to know more about Northern College and application process…

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