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The territorial college of Yukon in Canada is taking applications for Jan’20 winter intake!

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Canadian territory, Yukon’s territorial college is taking applications for Jan’20 winter intake! Abroad education is clung in the minds of people strongly, thus resulting in people anticipating for their chance to study abroad. It may be one of the finest happenings in the life of an individual.

Life abroad could gain the person totally new experience of living, socialization, culture, food, education and all other possible aspects in which the country is different from the home. International students experience a new life by meeting new persons, seeing different; diversified cultures and practices, world-class education in top universities of the world, experiencing different climatic conditions and many more elements.

Canada has been always open to immigration and education of international candidates. It is a country which offers different migration and education programs that are favourable for international students and immigrants, thus being their favourite abroad destination. It houses top universities and colleges of the world in its provinces and territories. If you are a person being keen about planning your education abroad, then go on with this blog. It’s for you!


Yukon, Canada:

Yukon is one of the three federal territories, located in the westernmost part of Canada. It has the smallest population in the country less than any other territory and provinces. Yukon’s only city is Whitehorse, which is the largest among all in other territories and it is also the territorial capital.

The economic resources of this territory are hydroelectricity generation, manufacturing furniture, clothing and handicrafts. Tourism also plays an important role in the revenue of Yukon. There are more activities for tourists like angling, skiing, hunting, snowboarding, ice climbing etc…which makes the territory, a favourite tourist spot. The climate here is defined to be subarctic with long, cold winters and warm, brief summers. This is the best-suited place for immigrants and international students to settle in…


Yukon College:

Yukon College was established in the year 1983 at Whitehorse region of Yukon territory. Initially, this was a vocational and technical training centre of the territory. After serving for nearly 3 decades, now Yukon College is a university and a community college in the territory. The main campus is the one located in Whitehorse and there are subsequent satellite branches throughout the territory.

This college shows its prominence towards development and research studies which enhances the economy of the society and empowers employment opportunities. There are diversified courses offered by the college. They are;

 Programs offered by Yukon College:

  • Aviation Management
  • General Studies
  • Indigenous Governance
  • Liberal Arts
  • Multimedia Communication
  • Northern Environmental and Conservation Sciences
  • Northern First Nations Studies
  • Northern Justice and Criminology
  • Northern Outdoor and Environmental Studies
  • Northern Science
  • Northern Studies
  • Science

These courses are selected with respect to the labour market needs to meet the demands and increase the employment rate. Yukon College is a platform for innovation with resource development. Students get hands-on experience in their work through internships and projects.

The college focuses on attaining its motto of making the students succeed. Students have more job opportunities in their field of practice and other relevant domains. If you are waiting for abroad migration for further studies, you got your time right…Proceed with the registration process!


Registration Process:

The territorial college of Yukon in Canada is taking applications for Jan’20 winter intake! The deadline for applying is fixed to be 30th September 2019. Apply with CanApprove.

We are a 21-year-old company providing education and immigration services successfully since 1998. Our team of experts are here to help and guide you in all the possible aspects for you to migrate abroad. Connect with us to know more about Yukon College and registration process.

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