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Passionate about Nursing and Health Care? Gateway College in Canada has its openings for Jan 2020, the winter intake!

Nursing and Health Care

Abroad education in Canada would be the best happening in one’s life. Canada, being one of the favourite study abroad destinations for international students is providing more favourable policies and programs for them. Immigrants also find Canada to be more facilitating and convenient for them to reside.

Canada has a great demand for professionals in the health care industry. Government of Canada itself provide more liberalisations for nursing professionals. There are colleges which are providing courses for the health care domain. One of those colleges is Gateway College of British Columbia. If you are passionate about health care and nursing, then this blog is for you! Continue reading….


Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver is a city in British Columbia province of Canada. It is a coastal seaport city and is the most populous city in the province. Vancouver, being the city with the highest population density is one of the top five cities in the world with a high quality of life and livability.

British Columbia is one of the Canadian provinces located in the westernmost part of Canada. It’s sited in between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains. BC marks it, the third most populous province with an estimated population of 5.034 million. The climate in BC is humid continental with warm summers and sharp, cold winters with snowfall in specific areas. Coastal areas frequently witness rain and drizzle. British Columbia is one of the best-suited places for immigrants and international students. Especially Vancouver is the most preferred city in BC.


Gateway College

Gateway College is a private college which was instantiated in the year 1986, at the Vancouver region of British Columbia, Canada. It has engaging classrooms with highly skilful and qualified instructors and tutors. The college possesses modern and equipped labs for practical sessions.

This college is determined to train the students who are very passionate in health care and nursing field. There is a huge demand in Canada for those who practised nursing and health care assistance. This college, Gateway, proudly propose its memberships with,

• Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB)
• British Columbia Education Quality Assurance (BC EQA)
• National Association of Career Colleges (NACC)
• Better Business Bureau (BBB)
• British Columbia Career Colleges Association (BCCCA)

Gateway College provides the courses for those who are aspiring about nursing and health care industry. The courses include;

• Enhanced Nursing Practice – Geriatric (ENPG) (Co-op)
• Post Graduate Diploma in Nursing Practice (PG DNP) (with Co-op)
• Health Care Assistant – Communication Year 2

Studying these courses would enhance the students to fix their career categorically in their field of studies. They get to work in private and public hospitals after graduation. Also, they gain experience in their field of work during the period of the course. An important advantage to be noted and worth specifying is that there are more liberal options to obtain a PR in Canada for a person working in the nursing field.

The below flow chart explains the PR pathways for Canada through Health Care Assistant category.


PG DNP – Post Graduate Diploma in Nursing
HCA – Health Care Assistance
LPN – Licensed Practical Nurse
RN – Registered Nurse
ENPG – Enhanced Nursing Practice – Geriatric

By getting a Post Graduate Diploma in Nursing (PG DNP), the candidate can become a registered Health Care Assistant (HCA). By working for 2 years as a Health Care Assistant, the candidate attains his eligibility to apply for a Canadian PR.

The candidate gets the license as a registered nurse or practical nurse and can use the PNP and Caregiver pathways to apply for PR in Canada. If the candidate practised Enhanced Nursing – Geriatric (ENPG), the candidate becomes a registered Health Care Assistant (Can apply PR without any assessments) and be eligible to apply for a PR by working as a registered HCA for 2 years in Canada.

This is the best opportunity for those who are planning to fix nursing as their career. It is explicit that you attain a well-paid job in your field of study. What are you waiting for? Registration obviously…


Registration Process

Gateway College at Vancouver province of Canada has its openings for Jan 2020, the winter intake! Your deadline for registering is fixed to be 30th September 2019. How to apply? CanApprove is right here. We are providing immigration and education services successfully for more than 20 years, since 1998. Our team of experts guide you in all the possible aspects of your abroad plan. Connect with us to know more about Gateway College and registration process…

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