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Perks of being an Australian citizen

Australia is a dream destination to settle down for many, as the country offers more security and much better standards of living. Perks of being an Australian citizen do not end there. The citizens of the country exclusively enjoy certain rights and privileges which make Australian citizenship a much sought-after status among aspiring immigrants and permanent residents. Let’s have a look at the much coveted Australian citizens’  privileges

Smooth entry and exit

After you become a citizen of Australia, you can enter the country and live there as many times as you want. As a citizen, you will not be detailed at the airport and won’t have to fulfill immigration formalities. You can exit the airport without much hassles and head towards your destination right away.

Consular support in other countries

Being an Australian citizen makes you entitled for the support of the Australian consulate or embassy, if you get into trouble in some other country. The support includes healthcare and monetary help. Even if you commit a crime, the trial will be held only in Australia. You will also get monetary help if you become a victim of theft or pickpocketing in a foreign country.

Defense Jobs

While Permanent Residency (PR) makes you eligible to apply for jobs in various sectors, you are not able to apply for jobs in certain departments such as Australian Defence, Australian Federal Police, Australian Border Force and Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. You can apply for these jobs only if you are an Australian citizen.

Contest Elections

Once you are an Australian citizen, you can contest the federal elections, if you are above 18.  And you can even become the prime minister of the country!

Visa-free travel

If you are an Australian citizen, you can visit 169 countries and territories without a visa or can have visa on arrival. When it comes to travel freedom, Australian passport is the eighth strongest passport in the world.

Support for studies

Australian citizens’ privileges include their entitlement for student loans and fee reductions for pursuing many courses in Australia. HECS‑HELP loan scheme is one such scheme to help to reduce the monetary burden of higher education for students who are citizens of Australia.

No deportation

Australian citizens will not be deported even if they commit serious crimes. But things are different for for the residents of the country, even if they are permanent residents and not Australian citizens. They can be deported if they have been sentenced to imprisonment for more than 12 months or considered a threat to the security of the country or if they fail the character test.

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