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Selkirk College in Canada has opened the gates for Jan’20 Intake!

Selkirk College in Canada
Castlegar, British Columbia

British Columbia has its second-largest community called Castlegar. The Selkirk Mountains in the south-eastern British Columbia are the mountains grouping in a large mass. Castlegar is located in the Selkirk Mountains. With the most fascinating and scenic environment, Castlegar remains the best place which makes visitors fall in love and make them connected with nature.

Castlegar acts as the regional trade and transport centre and also has its local economy that relies on mining, tourism and forestry. The climate of Castlegar is either the Mediterranean or Humid Continental. In summers, the days are hot, and nights are cool. In winter, the weather is cold with heavy snowfall.

There are some educational institutions in Canada housed in this region and international students prefer this location to get more connected with a scenic nature! This is the place where Selkirk College is located.

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Selkirk College

Selkirk College was established in the year 1966 and credited to be British Columbia’s first regional community college. The college right from its establishment has been delivering a world-class education for the students and is responsible for creating more successful grads to society. It is a veteran not only in delivering the best education to its students but also in performing economic activities. The college donates over $75 million every year for carrying out economic activities. This is a big initiative of the college which is being a front runner for all other institutions!

This is one of the institutions in Canada, which is fulfilling the dreams of many international students who are thinking about pursuing their education in Canada. This institution has various courses, with all the levels of education including masters for those who wish to do masters in Canada. Among those, Business Administration is a well happening course which is available in Diploma and PG Diploma level for January 2020 winter intake!

Are you an abroad aspirant waiting to set up your education in Canada! Read on to know more.


Business Administration – Course Description

Business Administration is the process of monitoring every threads, pipelines and aspect of a business process in any organisation. This involves enhancing the performance of the business and make efficient and spontaneous decisions which will impact the company’s performance in a positive way by increased productivity or revenue or any other factor.

The administration is not limited and is vast to administrate or look after with the management functions associated with the finance and Management Information System (MIS) which is a model used for decision making within the organisation.

Business Administration focuses on completing the daily tasks which keep the process keep running long term. This particular course is available in 2 education levels, namely,

  • Business Administration – Diploma
  • Business Administration – PG Diploma

This course, Business Administration teaches and trains the students with all the factors dealt with and involved with the business administration process. Students get overall knowledge to administrate a business and carry out the daily bureaucratic tasks of the business organisation.


Career Pathways & Other Opportunities

By studying Business Administration in Canada, students have more career pathway in which they could step into. Also, there are opportunities to further education and improve the professional skills to get into entrepreneurship kind of kinds of stuff. The diversified career pathways include;

  • Sales Manager
  • Business Consultant
  • Business Advisor
  • Event Manager
  • Training and Development Specialist
  • Compensation and Benefits Analyst
  • Insurance Underwriter

There are a lot of job opportunities in the field of study for a person who underwent a Business Administration course! The more prominent factor is, student while studying in Canada would get hands-on job experience by internships and projects which help them to acquire the survival skills in their profession.


There are more benefits for an international student to feel happy about studying in Canada. few of the long-term benefits include;

  • Getting the knowledge about business realities
  • Education standards along with work experience
  • Diversified career choices
  • A world-class education at an affordable cost
  • Experience different cultures and a high standard lifestyle

It is more justifying that education in Canada would enhance the life of an individual by gaining a lucrative job in the field of study. The institutions in Canada are delivering its world-class education for the students over these years with immense pride! If you always thought of studying in Canada, this is the best chance in our way ahead. Grab it! What next? Registration obviously.

Registration Process

Thinking to further your education in Canada? Selkirk College in Canada has opened the gates for Jan’20 winter intake! Apply with CanApprove and book your seat. We are here to help!

CanApprove is immigration and overseas education consultancy providing immigration and abroad education services to those who search a way to move to another country to study or settle. Our immense service is continuing since 1998, successfully! There are expert consultants who assist you completely in your abroad plan right from the scratch of the plan till you fly abroad. Connect with us to know more about studying at Canada’s Selkirk College.

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