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Canada introduces Student Direct Stream (SDS)

With an aim to accelerate application process for international students from key Asian markets, Canada government has introduced the Student Direct Stream (SDS). The Student Direct Stream aims to reduce the processing time for student visa applications and allow more eligible students to study in the country.

The scheme is meant for students from the key Asian markets, which include India, China, Vietnam and the Philippines. In the future, Canada is likely to expand the scheme to Kenya and Senegal.

The Student Direct Stream replaces the Student Partnership Program (SPP) in India and other reinforcement programs for students from China, Vietnam and Philippines.

The Student Direct Stream facilitates a faster and more streamlined visa application process. The processing time will come down to 45 days, while regular study permit under SPP used to take 50 days to be processed.

SPP was limited to international students wishing to study in about 40 post-secondary Canadian institutions.  Bu Student Direct Stream is open for students who want to study in any Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs) in Canada.

Qualifications required for Student Direct Stream (SDS)

In order to qualify for the Student Direct Stream, the student must have been accepted by a Designated Learning Institution of Canada. While applying, the student must submit proofs for being accepted by a Designated Learning Institution and the tuition fee paid for the year of study.

After the student applies for the Student Direct Stream with required documents, the application will be reviewed. If it meets the criteria to qualify for the Student Direct Stream, a letter of introduction will be sent to the student. The student will have to show this document to the immigration official once he/she arrives in Canada.

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