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Study Engineering in France

Study Engineering in France

When it comes to studying Engineering, France is one of the most sought-after destinations in Europe among international students. An exclusive body named, The Engineering Title Committee (CTI), is responsible for monitoring and ensuring excellence in the engineering education provided in the country. The Engineering education system in France gives equal importance to both theory and practice. The courses also integrate business training and the study of foreign languages and communication skills. Studying Engineering in France equips students with an education that enables them to build a successful career after their graduation.

Why France?

The Engineering education offered by institutions in France stands apart for excellence and incomparable quality. The institutions maintain quality in Engineering education by maintaining a strict criterion for selecting students for the courses.

Various Types of Engineering Degrees in France

Normally an Engineering degree is awarded to a student in France after he/she completes five years of study. This Engineering degree is known as Diplôme d’Ingénieur, which is equal to a European Master’s Degree and the Master of Science in Engineering Degree in USA.

Specialized Engineering Degree:  The one-year course is meant for students who have already studied Engineering for five years.  Those who have studied Engineering only for four years will have to study two years to get this degree. Around 20 Engineering institutions in France are offering specialisation courses in various fields.

Specialized Master (MS): A technically oriented and highly focused course, MS degree in Engineering is offered by engineering colleges which are members of the Conference of Grandes Ecoles (CGE) in France.  The degree is accredited and trademarked; launched in 1983 to cater to the demand of French companies for employees with specialized knowledge.

Engineering Colleges in France

France has two types of Engineering colleges:

Conférence des Directeurs des Ecoles Françaises d’Ingénieurs (CDEFI): a group of public and private colleges, recognized by CTI, and authorised to award the degree of Ingénieur Diplômé (graduate engineer).

Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE): The Association of Grandes Ecoles awards national diplomas recognized by the French government in a number of fields, apart from Engineering, such as Management, Science and Arts.

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